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Breaking Bread, Nourishing Connections -- People with and without Disabilities Together at Mealtime -- By Karin Melberg Schwier & Erin Schwier Stewart

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"Will help all who read it to have many highpoints with friends and family around the dinner table." —Journal of Religion, Disability & Health

Mealtimes are about much more than the physical act of eating — they’re also about enjoying the company of others, nourishing human connections, and participating in a meaningful social ritual. But sometimes, people with disabilities miss out on these essential aspects of dining. Parents, friends, and human services professionals can change that with this warm and engaging guide to fostering pleasurable, fully inclusive mealtimes for people with disabilities.

Developed by family members who consulted with a nutritionist, human services workers, educators, and people with disabilities and their families, this practical handbook helps readers support individuals as they choose what, where, when, and how they eat. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of what dining can mean and will learn how to give people with disabilities the guidance they need to

  • make the most of the social opportunities mealtimes provide

  • make informed decisions about what foods to eat and communicate their choices

  • connect with family, friends and neighbors during mealtime

  • prepare meals, with the help of simple, fully illustrated recipes complete with nutritional information (with facts provided by a licensed nutritionist)
With this easy-to-use book, enhanced with evocative poems, personal stories and photographs from individuals and families around the world, readers will enjoy meaningful and inclusive mealtimes with people who have disabilities.

Table of Contents

Dr. Dick Sobsey, R.N., Director, JP Das Developmental Disabilities Centre, University of Alberta, Canada

Section I

1. Food for thought

  • A motivating force
  • What is mealtime?
  • Having the time of our lives
2. Feeding or dining?
  • Putting mealtime in perspective
  • The quality of the ingredients
  • Table manners
  • How does it feel?
3. Mealtime in purgatory
Barb Handahl

Section II

4. Mealtime as a chance to refocus

  • Being in charge for a change
  • Shake what you’ve got, culinarily speaking
5. Connecting with Catherine
Sherrill Ruckert

6. The hunger for choice

  • Gaining some calorie control
  • An ethos of doing for rather than doing with
  • I wish Mom and Dad coulda seen me make a cupcake
7. The experience of disability and dining
Gary McPherson

8. Good food, good friends, good gossip: Mallory and the Circle Girls
Barb Horner

Section III

9. Comfort food, comfort context

  • What’s for dinner?
  • No one recipe
10. Grace and blessing: celebrating the sacred in shared meals
Bill Gaventa

11. The social implications of mealtime

  • Nourishment, membership and fellowship
12. Giving and receiving hospitality
  • Culture cuisine: tasting diversity
  • Mealtime as a subversive activity
13. BYOB
Heidi Janz

14. Check the pantry

  • Essential connections
  • Think dim sum
  • Step up to the plate

Section IV

15. Memorable meals
  • What makes you remember?

Epilogue: Just desserts

  • Diana and Joan: Gift of Communion

Illustrate Your Own Recipe Template
Recommended Resources
Appendix: Tidbits

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