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EC3 Human Services Software

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EC3 Login Screen
EC3 Login ScreenConsumer ProfileEducation, Daily Routines and MedicationsTarget Skills & Services:  Viewing a Review NoteExample of a user generated consumer formExample of an EC3 built-in reportSample Cover PageAgency PreferencesCustomizing Strategy InstructionsResource Directory
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EC3 Features

Consumer Information

  • Consumer Profile: provides a single, convenient location to enter and view a wealth of personal information about consumers such as address, phone numbers, social security and medical numbers, date of birth, guardianship information, diagnostic information and much more.
  • Daily Routines:  the consumer’s fixed schedule; can interact with Target Skills and Services
  • Education:  schools and dates of attendance, status, school information.
  • Employment:  work site, employer information, job description.
  • Medications: A single source for the consumer's current and past medications, including dosage, side effects, pharmacy, and prescribing doctor for each medication.
  • Relationships: provides a place for contact information about all the important individuals in consumer's lives (e.g. parents, teachers, doctors).
  • Notes: enter progress notes, record visits and meetings, document services provided, etc.
  • Incidents: create, view, and respond to critical incident reports relating to your consumer.
  • Service Participation:  record details of services being provided.
  • Consumer Forms: create, view, edit, and store documents related to a consumer. Use your own customized templates, or import a document.


  • Planning Schedule:  Initiate a consumer plan.
  • Plan Text: Create planning documents which will be linked to a specific consumer plan. You may use a template you have created, import your last plan, or import another document.
  • Cover Page: A customizable information sheet to provide an overview of information about a consumer.
  • Target Skills & Services: Create detailed objectives for consumers, maintain data and analysis of progress.
  • Skills and Services Wizard: Step-by-step assistance in creating a consumer objective.
  • Data Analysis (part of Target Skills and Services): EC3 provides statistical analysis of your collected data, including graphing functionality.
  • Plan Reviews:  review of consumer plans on a schedule of your choosing: quarterly, monthly or other. Import your last review for a quick start.


  • Agency Forms: Create or import your own template forms which can be used to create Consumer Forms or Plan Text documents.
  • Resource Directory: Allows you to input provider and service information to be used throughout the program.
  • Medication Library: A customizable listing of medications, including uses, usual dosages, side effects, etc.
  • User Queries: Create custom searches for retrieving just the data you want from the EC3 database.
  • Preferences: Allows you to make certain choices about displaying and modifying information in EC3.
  • Skills and Services Library: Allows you to customize entries that will be used by the Skills and Services wizard.
  • Service Assignments: Assign specific staff members to specific consumers.
  • User Profile: Allows you to store information about staff members who will using EC3, including setting their level of access (read-write, read only or none) for the various features of the program. You may limit a user's access to only their assigned consumers. Users have password-protected access.
  • Email: EC3 integrates either with your existing email system or with an internal EC3 messaging system, allowing for easy communication from within the program
  • And More!

Print It!

  • EC3 provides a large standard set of reports, designed with user input, which allow you to get your EC3 data on paper.
  • Report categories include Administration, Agency Forms, Billing, Consumer Forms, Consumer Information, Incidents, Planning, Plan Implementation and Review, Resource Directory, Inservices, Library, Personal
  • All information put in EC3 can be reported out of EC3.

User Training

  • Phone and Online Support: Friendly and helpful support staff to help with anything from program installation to query design.
  • Online Training: Get the most out of EC3 with our individualized online training sessions!
  • Onsite Training: Prefer personal interaction? We offer onsite training sessions as well.

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