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Group Music Activities for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities By Maria Ramey

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Musical games and activities can significantly improve the social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. However, many music therapy resources are written with children in mind, and it can be difficult to find suitable age-appropriate activity ideas for adults.

This versatile collection of 100 group music activities is the perfect sourcebook to provide insight to music therapists who are new to working with this client group, and inspiration to those familiar with working with adults but in need of fresh ideas. Each activity is developed in depth, with clear goals and instructions, and includes easy adaptations to suit a wide range of ability levels. With accompanying CD and sheet music, this book contains a ready supply of lively and original songs that can be used by practitioners of all musical abilities.

With this practical and inspiring resource, music therapists, caregivers and other professionals working with adults with developmental and cognitive disorders will never be short of age-appropriate ideas again.

Acknowledgements. Preface. Music Therapy with Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. How to Use This Book. Activities. 1. Play the Tambourine. 2. Smile and Wave. 3. I Like to Sing. 4. Let’s All Play Together. 5. Scarf Dance. 6. I’m In the Mood. 7. Weekend Song. 8. My Sunshine. 9. Triangle Teams. 10. Shaking to the Music Beat. 11. Live Music Relaxation. 12. Shake Up High. 13. Visual Lyric Analysis. 14. Cluster Drumming. 15. Pick A Card: Instruments. 16. Frame Drum Imagination. 17. Heartbeat. 18. Over the Rainbow. 19. I Love…. 20. Old MacDonald Had A Band. 21. Clap Your Hands, One Two Three. 22. I Feel Good. 23. Matching Loud and Soft. 24. Just For Fun. 25. Paint the Air. 26. Howl At the Moon. 27. Twelve Days. 28. Random Duet. 29. Emotion Connection. 30. Stretchy Band Hokey Pokey. 31. Concerto Soloist. 32. Conducting. 33. Guess the Hidden Instrument. 34. How Many Beats? 35. Walkin’ Down the Street. 36. Walk Like the Music. 37. Visual CDs. 38. Pick A Card: Feelings. 39. Jump and Jive. 40. Mirroring. 41. Twist. 42. Follow My Beat. 43. My Favorite Things. 44. Cha Cha Cha. 45. Signs of the Seasons. 46. Manic Monday. 47. News From Home. 48. Traveling Places. 49. Colors Everywhere. 50. Nature Box. 51. This Is Me. 52. Wave the Scarves. 53. Shake A Question. 54. Guess That Sound. 55. Clap Your Hands to the Music. 56. Move to the Music. 57. Dance Conducting. 58. Marching In. 59. Song Bingo. 60. Musical Ball. 61. Musical Feelings. 62. Party Animal. 63. Celebration Song. 64. Drum Q&A. 65. Rhythm Sticks Alphabet. 66. Your Story Through A Song. 67. Five Letter Favorites. 68. Boom Boom. 69. I Won’t Back Down. 70. Leadership: African Drumming. 71. Marching Band. 72. Eye Choose You. 73. What I Like About You. 74. I Can See Clearly now. 75. Xylophone Conversation. 76. Boomwhacker Beat. 77. The Music Comes Over. 78. You Are. 79. Collective Mandala. 80. Turn, Turn, Turn. 81. Simple Songwriting. 82. Musical Shapes. 83. Animal Adventure. 84. Do-Re-Mi Chimes. 85. Roll Your Fists Around. 86. Rhythm Shakers. 87. Rhythmic Hot Potato. 88. Shake, Rattle and Roll. 89. Film Scoring. 90. Musical Charades. 91. Collaborative Drawing. 92. Color to the Instruments. 93. Musical Board Game. 94. Guitar Strum. 95. Rhythm Pies. 96. Music Listening Game. 97. Index Card Songwriting. 98. Chordal Songwriting. 99. Xylophone Ensemble. 100. Creative Singalongs. Appendices. Appendix A: Sheet Music for Original Songs. Appendix B: List of Books Illustrating Well Known Songs. Appendix C: List of Songs Referred to In Activities. Appendix D: Supply Resources. Appendix E: Contributors. Appendix F: Activities Listed By Goal Area. Appendix G: CD Track Listing. References.

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