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"Despite all of our best efforts, a large number of people who have severe disabilities continue to display serious and disruptive behavior problems.  For example, some of the people with whom we live and work hit other people or themselves, scream loudly at what seem like inappropriate times, destroy property, or just actively resist efforts to teach them new skills. . . . All of us would prefer to use only positive treatments for these behavior problems.  Unfortunately, however, there are sometimes obstacles in the way of providing these positive approaches.  For example, most people involved in this field today recommend that a functional analysis be carried out before any treatment.  The idea behind the functional analysis is to see why the person is misbehaving. . . . A teacher might give a student difficult classwork for 5 minutes, easy work for 5 minutes, then difficult work for 5 minutes to see if the student was more disruptive during difficult types of tasks. . . . But what if the student then hits another student when he is upset?  What if he hurts himself?  Is the information from such an assessment worth the risk of injury?  . . . The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) [is] a scale designed to be easy to use, yet helpful in discovering why people engage in problem behaviors.  In addition, using this scale does not involve making behavior problems worse, a feature that has obvious advantages.  It is hoped that through the use of the MAS, people with severe behavior problems will have greater access to positive interventions.  (Excerpts from The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) Administration Guide by V. Mark Durand and Daniel B. Crimmins)

MASSoftware Professional provides automated scoring of the Motivation Assessment Scale, analysis of results allowing comparison and statistical analysis of multiple scales, customizable report templates, organized storage of reports, and online context sensitive help.  There is no need to purchase MAS forms.  The form may be completed on the computer by the respondent, or you may use MASSoftware Professional to print a copy of the form to be completed by the respondent.  The help file gives detailed instructions on preparing respondents to complete the scale as well as help in interpreting results.

MASSoftware Professional may be installed on a Windows 7 or later computer.  Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher version and Microsoft Installer are required.  These are standard programs that should be available on a Windows computer except in unusual circumstances.

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