Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS) 4-Volume Set

Authors: Diane Bricker Ph.D., Betty Capt Ph.D., OTR, JoAnn (JJ) Johnson Ph.D., Kristie Pretti-Frontczak Ph.D., Misti Waddell M.S., Elizabeth Straka Ph.D., CCC-SLP; With Author: Kristine Slentz Ph.D.

Format: Spiral-bound, 1504 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781557665614
Price: $239.00

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Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children, Second Edition

Much more than just a measurement tool, the activity-based, field-tested AEPS links assessment, intervention, and evaluation for children from birth to six years who have disabilities or are at risk for developmental delays. With this reorganized, extensively updated second edition, professionals can assess and monitor six key developmental areas in young children: fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, adaptive, social-communication, and social. AEPS helps identify educational targets tailored for each child's needs, formulate developmentally appropriate goals, conduct before and after evaluations to ensure interventions are working, and involve families in the whole process.

View the recorded webinar: Reliable Assessment and Effective Programming with AEPS presented by Kevin Warg.

The AEPS 4-volume set includes the AEPS Administration Guide, AEPS Test, AEPS Curriculum for Birth to Three Years, and AEPS Curriculum for Three to Six Years.

This set is part of the bestselling AEPS system for children from birth to six years who have disabilities or are at risk for developmental delays. Thousands of programs across the country rely on AEPS for comprehensive, seamlessly linked assessment, evaluation, intervention, and programming. AEPS is criterion-referenced and curriculum-based, and with web-based data management through AEPSi, it's easier than ever to assess young children and ensure that they make real progress.

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Review by: James Van Haneghan, The 18th Mental Measurement Yearbook
"AEPS is an ambitious project based on 30 years of research and development. Perhaps its greatest strength is that it is a complete system that closes the circle between assessment and intervention processes."
Review: Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
"... scaffolds the design of activity–based interventions in child–centered natural environments and guides an ongoing evaluation process to ensure that these interventions are working and that children are making meaningful, developmental progress."
Review by: Eva Horn, Department of Special Education, The University of Kansas
"A comprehensive curriculum–embedded assessment system for every educator of infants and young children who longs for simple, straightforward and functional strategies."
Review: Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
"This is a comprehensive, curriculum-embedded assessment system for every educator of infants and young children—aspiring and experienced —who longs for simple, straightforward, and functional strategies that yield educational targets individualized for each child's needs and a process for monitoring success of interventions and involving families in meaningful ways. The AEPS is for first-time educators who want to learn the basics of good activity-based assessment and intervention from a reliable, research-based source. It is for educators who are pressed for time and need to get comprehensive, functional, and individualized education plans in place in a timely fashion. It is for old pros who yearn to brighten their repertoires with interactive activities and refresh their knowledge of functional and meaningful developmental milestones."
Review by: Paula Diver, Infant/Toddler Specialist, Futures Unlimited, Inc., Sumner County, KS
"AEPS works great with children with special needs—you get a wonderful overall picture of the child and can develop goals and objectives that fit the child and the classroom routines."
Review by: Darla Callender, ECD Teacher, Bright Futures
"I enjoy using AEPS in my classroom. It gives me so much information on all my children—information that's useful to the parents, also."

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