AEPS Interactive (AEPSi) Provider Guide

Author: Diane Bricker Ph.D.

Format: Spiral-bound, 60 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598573923
Price: $39.95

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AEPS at-a-glance


Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children, Second Edition

AEPSi users: keep this full-color illustrated guide at your fingertips for step-by-step guidance on the AEPSi online system. Specially tailored to the needs of providers, this how-to manual provides easy-to-follow visual walkthroughs of every key AEPSi process, featuring dozens of helpful screenshots and practical tips for users. Providers will get clear and simple answers to their questions, ensure that theyre using the system consistently and accurately, and discover how AEPSi features and functions can streamline their daily work and strengthen the assessment and intervention program.


  • access their AEPSi account and navigate their personalized homepage
  • effectively manage child information, including the child profile, calendar, journal entries, and child team information
  • view a childs completed assessments and enter new ones
  • enter information from Family Reports
  • collect data on multiple children with the group assessment activities
  • generate reports quickly and easily, including individual child reports, aggregate reports, OSEP categories reports, and ECO Child Outcomes Summary Form ratings
  • refer to the My Toolkit section for AEPS news and updates, documents and downloads, professional development information, and more

ALSO AVAILABLE: A separate AEPSi Administrator Guide!

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Review by: Tamanika Odinga, Director of Early Intervention, St. Charles Parish Public Schools
"Innovative, functional and attractive . . . helps link the assessment and the curriculum together."

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • About AEPSi
    • About the AEPSi Provider Guide
  • Section 1: Logging In
    • Forgotten Username or Password
  • Section 2: My AEPSi
    • My Children
    • Calendar
    • Whats New
    • Messages
    • Assessments in Progress
    • My Reports
  • Section 3: My Children
    • Add a New Child
  • Section 4: Child Summary
    • Profile
    • Recent Activity
    • Calendar
    • AEPS Tests
    • Recent Journal Entries
    • Family Reports
    • Child Reports
  • Section 5: Child Profile
  • Section 6: Child Calendar
    • Adding a Calendar Entry
    • Viewing/Editing/Deleting Calendar Entry
    • Printing Calendar
  • Section 7: Child Journal
    • Adding a Child Journal Entry
  • Section 8: Child Team
  • Section 9: Child Assessments
    • Creating a New CODRF
    • Customized CODRFs
    • Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF)
  • Section 10: Family Report
    • Entering a New Family Report
    • Sections of the Family Report
    • Viewing/Printing/Editing/Deleting a Family Report
  • Section 11: Child Reports
    • Score Summary
    • Graphed Scores
    • Child Progress Record
    • Provider Notes
    • IFSP/IEP Summary
    • Eligibility Cutoff Scores
    • Present Level of Functioning
    • Running Reports in Spanish
    • Create Custom Child Report
  • Section 12: My Groups
    • Creating a Group
    • Group Assessment Summary
    • Creating a Group Journal Entry
  • Section 13: My Calendar
  • Section 14: My Reports
    • Child Reports
    • Aggregate Reports
  • Section 15: My Toolkit
  • Section 16: My Profile
    • Editing My Profile
  • Section 17: Help

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