Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3) Learning Activities

Authors: Elizabeth Twombly M.S., Ginger Fink M.A.

Format: Paperback, 160 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598572469
Price: $49.95

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ASQ-3 at-a-glance


Ages & Stages Questionnaires: A Parent-Completed Child Monitoring System, Third Edition

Enhance the growth and development of infants and young children with more than 400 fun, fast, and easy-to-use learning activities—now in a new edition specially developed to complement ASQ®-3 . Perfect for sharing with parents of children who are developing typically or need nonintensive support in one or more developmental areas, these playful, developmentally appropriate activities

  • encourage progress in the same five developmental areas as ASQ-3—communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social
  • use safe, age-appropriate materials that most families have at home
  • help even the youngest children develop crucial early language and literacy skills
  • promote closer parent–child interactions
  • serve as a natural follow-up for children who score in the ASQ-3 monitoring zone

New additions include a new set of activities for 0-2 months; more activities—30+ per age range; more language and literacy activities; more language modeling for parents; easy to email PDF format to share with parents; more differentiation of activities by age; and activities are now in color on the CD-ROM. Plus, the book includes a keycode for accessing the activities in your ASQ®Online account.

Now packaged as a book and CD-ROM together so you can photocopy or print them as needed, these creative, cost-effective activities are the perfect way for parents and children to learn and have fun together.

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Review by: Deneta Sells, Intown Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, P.C.
"We hand out the ASQ-3 Learning Activities at all of our well child checks . . . [They] provide fun activities that help parents teach problem solving and fine and gross motor skills that are often missing from their everyday interactions, usually using materials they already have at home!"
Review by: Mindy Craig, ABCD Project Coordinator, Colorado
"The new activity sheets are great! They allow the provider and family to really focus on what the child needs. I love the blank space at the bottom to write a quick reminder note . . . it will be great for follow-up instructions that are so frequently forgotten."
Review by: Deborah Gallagher, Early Head Start Director, Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center, Inc.
"A wonderful resource . . . parents will have concrete activities to complete weekly in all domains to enhance their child's developmental skills."
Review by: Daniel Stowe, Inclusion Specialist, Redlands Christian Migrant Association
"An excellent first screening tool for our population . . . It is a functional tool for our classroom staff, as it is easy to individualize for children by age and domain."
Review by: Lizzie Sexton, Community Outreach Coordinator, Children's Service Society of Wisconsin
"A boon to our outreach programs. We have been especially satisfied using the activities with families as a part of our concerning ASQ result follow-up. It serves as a great general parent education tool as well."

Table of Contents

About the Authors
Photocopying Release
Frequently Asked Questions
About Your Keycode

Letter to Parents

Each age range includes learning activities to promote progress in the five key development areas of ASQ-3 —communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social.

  • 0–2 months
  • 2–4 months
  • 4–8 months
  • 8–12 months
  • 12–16 months
  • 16–20 months
  • 20–24 months
  • 24–30 months
  • 30–36 months
  • 36–42 months
  • 42–48 months
  • 48–54 months
  • 54–60 months

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