Applying Implementation Science in Early Childhood Programs and Systems

Volume Editors: Tamara Halle Ph.D., Allison Metz Ph.D., Ivelisse Martinez-Beck Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 360 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598572827
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Improving outcomes for young children and their families may start with choosing evidence-based curricula, interventions, and practices—but it doesn't end there. To ensure sustained changes to early childhood programs and systems, interventions must be implemented effectively and consistently over time, which isn't an easy or straightforward task. This important book is the first research volume on applying implementation science—an evidence-based framework for bridging the research-to-practice gap—to early childhood programs and systems.

With contributions from 25+ early childhood researchers, this essential reference will help ensure that interventions are not only implemented effectively, but also scaled up and sustained so they help as many children as possible. Administrators, researchers, and policymakers will

  • examine how the growing field of implementation science can help close the research-to-practice gap in early childhood
  • discover the core components needed to implement and sustain change in programs and systems
  • explore through specific examples how to build practitioner competency and promote high-fidelity implementation of early childhood innovations
  • get in-depth guidance on replicating and scaling up programs at the district and state level
  • learn from a helpful five-step model for assessing the fidelity of interventions
  • understand how to create readiness for change and why it's so important
  • see how implementation science can inform the process of systems change for early childhood professional development systems and Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS)

More than a how-to guide to effective implementation and scale-up, this volume also addresses the theoretical foundation of the stages of implementation science at all levels of early childhood systems and considers research, practice, and policy implications.

A foundational volume on the fundamentals of implementation science, this book will help improve long-term outcomes for all young children. Early childhood programs will learn how to replicate and sustain best practices, researchers will be ready to conduct more informed program evaluations, and policymakers will discover what it really takes to have effective, sustainable programs and systems.


Review by: Laura Johns, Director, Quality Initiatives, Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
“Bringing a large QRIS initiative to scale requires ongoing validation at various points of the implementation/intervention process. Halle, Martinez-Beck and Metz provide a valuable road map on how a state system can responsibly utilize diminishing resources to create an effective evidence-based QRIS.”
Review by: Dean Fixen, Senior Scientist, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute; Co-Director, National Implementation Research Network, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“A pleasure to read from cover to cover . . . the first book to purposefully apply what is known about implementation science to a particular field. For anyone interested in improving early care and education outcomes, this book will provide guidance for years to come.”
Review by: Karen Blase, Senior Scientist, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, UNC-Chapel Hill
“Bringing the 'what' of early childhood evidence together with the 'how' of implementation, this book offers readers a deep, rich, and practical review of what's necessary to achieve socially significant outcomes and sustainable services.”

Table of Contents

Section I: Implementation Science: Defining the New Frontier

  1. Implementation Science: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go From Here?
    Bob Franks and Jennifer Schroeder
  2. The Key Components of Successful Implementation
    Allison Metz, Tamara Halle, Leah Bartley, and Amy Blasberg
  3. Readiness to Change: Effective Implementation Processes for Meeting People Where They Are
    Shira M. Peterson
  4. Innovative Methodologies to Explore Implementation
    Whole-Part-Whole: Construct Validity, Measurement, and Analytical Issues for Intervention Fidelity Assessment in Education Research
    Chris S. Hulleman, Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, and Tashia Abry

Section II: Aligning Stage-Appropriate Evaluation with the Stages of Implementation: Formative Evaluation and Fidelity

  1. Studying the Implementation of Coaching-based Professional Development
    Douglas R. Powell and Karen E. Diamond
  2. Implementation of Getting Ready: A Relationship-Focused Intervention to Support Parent Engagement Birth to Five
    Lisa L. Knoche
  3. An Eye to Efficient and Effective Fidelity Measurement for Both Research and Practice
    Chrishana M. Lloyd, Lauren H. Supplee, and Shira Kolnik Mattera
  4. Applying Lessons Learned from Evaluations of Model Early Care and Education Programs to Preparation for Effective Implementation At-Scale
    Jason Downer

Section III: Aligning Stage-Appropriate Evaluation with the Stages of Implementation: Ongoing Monitoring and Scale Up/Replication

  1. Lessons Learned in the Implementation of the TRIAD Scale-up Model: Teaching Early Mathematics with Trajectories and Technologies
    Julie Sarama and Douglas H. Clements
  2. Improving Implementation of the Nurse-Family Partnership in the Process of Going to Scale
    Peggy Hill and David Olds
  3. Implementation and Replication of the Educare Model of Early Childhood Education
    Noreen Yazejian, Donna Bryant, and Portia Kennel
  4. Using Implementation Science to Support Replication, Scale-up, and Ongoing Monitoring
    Carolyn Layzer

Section IV: Implementation Science at the Systems Level

  1. Considering Statewide Professional Development Systems through an Implementation Lens
    Kathryn Tout, Allison Metz, and Leah Bartley
  2. Evaluating Implementation of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems
    Diane Paulsell, Kathryn Tout, and Kelly Maxwell
  3. Applications of Implementation Science to Early Care and Education Programs and Systems: Implications for Research, Policy, and Practice
    Tamara Halle, Martha Zaslow, Ivelisse Martinez-Beck, and Allison Metz

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