Assistive Technology for Young Children: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Authors: Kathleen Curry Sadao Ed.D., Nancy B. Robinson Ph.D., CCC-SLP; Foreword Author: Sharon Judge Ph.D.

Format: Paperback w/CD-ROM, 256 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598570915
Price: $42.95

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Assistive technology (AT) can help young children with disabilities fully participate in natural, inclusive learning environments—but many early childhood professionals don't get the training they need to harness the power of AT. Fill that gap with this unintimidating, reader-friendly resource, the go-to guide to recommended AT practice for children birth to 5. Developed by two leading early childhood specialists with in-depth expertise in assistive technology, this book demystifies AT and gives readers solutions they can implement right away, regardless of their technical experience. Early childhood professionals will learn about the broad spectrum of AT supports for children with disabilities-from low-cost, low-tech options such as Velcro and homemade switches to higher tech options such as speech-generating software. Educators, early interventionists, SLPs, and other professionals will
  • discover how AT tools can help children make progress toward specific OSEP outcomes
  • follow the guiding principles for selecting, purchasing and implementing AT devices
  • determine funding options for assistive technology
  • assess children's needs and identify appropriate tools and strategies for individual children
  • use AT to aid implementation of universal design for learning
  • embed AT into activity-based intervention
  • involve family members in all phases of AT service delivery
  • support communication, language development, and early literacy skills
  • increase opportunities for play through AT that supports motor, cognitive, and social skills
  • teach computer skills to young children with disabilities, making adaptations when necessary
  • understand the current laws that help increase access to and availability of AT

To help them get started with assistive technology, professionals will get a CD-ROM with 3 in-depth, printable forms for evaluating children's AT needs, determining which types of tools and strategies to use, and creating individualized AT "toolkits" that help children meet OSEP outcomes and developmental goals. Readers will also find extended case studies and child profiles, so they can see how AT supports the participation and achievement of children with a range of disabilities.

A must for AT novices and seasoned users alike, this professional resource and supplemental textbook will help readers use the best of today's technology to ensure a fully inclusive education for young children.


Review: Research & Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities
"All of the content depth presented in this text highlights the masterful overview of AT for young children in a manner that is child-oriented with impressive analysis and consideration to the wonders of this developing domain."
Review: Midwest Book Review Education Shelf

"Provides an excellent review of all [AT] tools available."

Review: California Bookwatch, April 2011
"Special education teachers will consider this a winner!"
Review by: John Williams, Assistive Technology News

"[Dr. Sadao and Dr. Robinson's] experiences and knowledge of dealing with early childhood special education clearly shine in this book . . . I proudly place [this book] on my shelf in my library. I recommend it to every teacher, administrator, and consultant working with assistive technology, and to every parent."

Review by: Gloria Soto, Professor, Department of Special Education, San Francisco State University

"A must-have professional resource . . . comprehensive and evidence-based, yet practical and accessible."

Review by: Pamela Winton, Senior Scientist and Director of Outreach, FPG Child Development Institute, Research Professor, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

"The nuts and bolts of AT with solid research and policy support . . . this practical book has it all."

Review by: Robin Cunconan-Lahr, Attorney and Special Education Professor

"Provides an intentional and purposeful discussion of assistive technology as an invaluable approach for including all children across various early learning environments."

Review by: Philippa Campbell, Occupational Therapy Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

"Provides concrete examples about how, why, and where AT can be helpful. AT is not just about devices but is about how to use these devices so that children with disabilities are included in everyday settings."

Review by: Deb Daulton, Director, Pennsylvania Early Intervention Technical Assistance

"Implementing the innovative tools in this resource will help children overcome challenges and successfully enjoy experiences with their friends and family."

Table of Contents

Contents of the Accompanying CD-ROM
About the Authors
Foreword - Sharon Judge


  1. Legal Foundations and Funding Options for Early Assistive Technology

  2. Assistive Technology for Inclusion in Early Childhood Environments

  3. Dynamic Assessment and Intervention in Early Assistive Technology

  4. Assistive Technology and Communication

  5. Assistive Technology and Play

  6. Assistive Technology and Emergent Literacy

  7. Assistive Technology and Computer Access

  8. Bridging the Divide with Assistive Technology Toolkits


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