Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS) Sampling Video and Scoring Video

Authors: Amy M. Wetherby Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Barry M. Prizant Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Format: DVD
ISBN: 9781598571882
Price: $150.00

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CSBS at-a-glance


Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales, Normed Edition

The CSBS™ Sampling Video and Scoring Video guide you through all of the structured play activities in CSBS, providing footage of assessments with a range of typically developing children.

The DVD is part of CSBS, a norm-referenced, standardized tool that uses parent interview and direct observation to assess infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at risk for communication delays and impairments. With 22 rating scales that accurately survey children's language skills and symbolic development, CSBS is backed by technical data and compatible with most developmental curricula in use today.

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Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales:

Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales Developmental Profile:

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