Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS), Normed Edition, Test Kit

Author: Barry M. Prizant Ph.D., CCC-SLP; Volume Editor: Amy M. Wetherby Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Format: Multiple formats
ISBN: 9781557665683
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Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales, Normed Edition

The CSBS™ Test Kit contains the testing and scoring materials for the Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS™), one of the best measures of early communication in children 8–24 months (or up to 72 months if developmental delays are present).

The norm-referenced, standardized CSBS™ uses parent interviews and naturalistic sampling procedures to collect crucial information — not just on language skills but also on often-overlooked communicative behaviors like communicative functions, gestures, rate of communicating, positive effect, and gaze shifts. CSBS™ takes just 50–75 minutes for child assessment and 60–75 minutes for in-depth scoring. Backed by technical data, CSBS™ is compatible with most developmental curricula in use today.

The CSBS™ Test Kit includes:

  • Caregiver Questionnaire: Caregivers complete this 15-minute qualitative questionnaire to provide background information. Their responses provide a baseline that helps professionals evaluate a child's performance.
  • Behavior Sample: After the questionnaire is complete, professionals trained to assess developmentally young children conduct the videotaped Behavior Sample as the caregiver interacts with the child using a naturalistic sampling procedure. The sampling procedure uses communicative temptations, book sharing, symbolic play, language comprehension probes, and constructive play. Later, professionals use the Behavior Sample Record Formto convert results to scores on 22 five-point scales, organized in seven clusters: Communicative Function, Communicative Means — Gestural, Communicative Means — Vocal, Communicative Means — Verbal, Reciprocity, Social-Affective Signaling, and Symbolic Behavior. This yields raw scores and scaled scores for the 22 scales, percentile ranks and standard scores for the seven clusters, a percentile rank and standard overall composite score, and norms by chronological age or language stage.
  • CSBS™ Manual: The manual includes technical data about CSBS™, plus instructions on how to administer the questionnaire and sampling procedures, plan interventions, analyze the videotaped behavior samples, and score and interpret the assessment.
  • Outline Cards: These two reference cards outline sampling procedures step by step and give directions for scoring.
  • Instructional Videos: These two videos demonstrate how to collect a behavior sample and convert the information into scores using the five-point scales.

Available separately or as part of the CSBS™ Complete Kit is the CSBS™ Toy Kit. It contains the familiar, action-based play materials used to entice spontaneous behavior during the Behavior Sample.

This test kit is part of CSBS™ a norm-referenced, standardized tool that uses parent interview and direct observation to assess infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at risk for communication delays and impairments. With 22 rating scales that accurately survey children's language skills and symbolic development, CSBS is backed by technical data and compatible with most developmental curricula in use today.

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