Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings: Creating a Place for All Children

Authors: Susan Hart Bell Ph.D., Victoria Carr Ed.D., Dawn M. Denno Ed.D., Lawrence J. Johnson Ph.D., Louise R. Phillips

Format: Paperback, 232 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781557666826
Price: $32.95

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Learn to manage a wide range of challenging behaviors in early childhood settings with this strategy-filled resource for teachers and other professionals. Based on the latest research and the authors' classroom experience, the book helps early childhood teams assess the classroom environment and link effective behavioral interventions to developmentally appropriate curricula and teaching practices. Preservice and in-service professionals will discover how to
  • understand the needs of individual families and foster strong partnerships with them
  • design classrooms with customized supports for children with challenging behaviors, from establishing schedules and setting limits to developing curricula and designing the classroom space
  • address specific behavioral challenges during selected times in the daily schedule—group, nap, play, lunch, and more
  • pinpoint each student's challenges and needs and develop appropriate informal interventions
  • decide if and when a formal intervention plan is needed and collaborate with other members of the team—including therapists, administrative personnel, parents, and classroom aides—to develop and implement the plan
  • evaluate the intervention plan for consistency, ease of use, acceptability, and effectiveness, making revisions if necessary
  • plan for a crisis and decide whether to seek outside support

Filled with classroom-based strategies for working with students with or without disabilities, realistic vignettes, and checklists that help readers assess their current practices and implement the suggested strategies, this book gives early childhood teams invaluable guidance on working with children with challenging behavior and building positive relationships with their families.


Review: Young Children
"Includes methods for assessing and understanding the causes of challenging behaviors, ways that administrators can develop centerwide support, and ideas for engaging families as partners. Clear, concise language and questions in each chapter help staff determine if solutions and new strategies have been applied, making this book especially useful to those new to teaching young children."

Table of Contents

About the Authors
Invited Contributors

  1. Clarifying the Elements of Challenging Behavior
    Susan Hart Bell and Sheryl Quinn

  2. Developing Centerwide Support
    Victoria Carr, Lawrence J. Johnson, and Connie C. Corkwell

  3. Engaging Parents as Partners in Changing Behavior
    Anne M. Bauer, Monica Battle, and Lawrence J. Johnson

  4. Creating a Supportive Classroom Environment
    Dawn Denno, Louise R. Phillips, Helene Arbouet Harte, and Sally Moomaw

  5. Seeing the Challenge More Clearly
    Louise R. Phillips, Joyce Hensler, Mef Diesel, and Andrea Cefalo

  6. Determining the Teacher's Role in Further Assessment and Intervention
    Susan Hart Bell, Amy Clancy, and Erin N. Gaddes

  7. Implementing Individualized Behavior Plans
    Susan Hart Bell and Victoria Carr

  8. Evaluating and Revising Intervention Plans
    Susan Hart Bell and Christine M. Gilkey

  9. Planning for Crises
    Victoria Carr, Helene Arbouet Harte, and Louise R. Phillips

  10. Determining When Outside Help Is Needed
    Mary M. Boat, Victoria Carr, Lawrence J. Johnson, and Dawn Denno

  11. Putting it All Together
    Susan Hart Bell


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