Coming Home from the NICU: A Guide for Supporting Families in Early Infant Care and Development

Authors: Kathleen Vandenberg Ph.D., Marci J. Hanson Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 160 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598570199
Price: $34.95

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For families of an infant leaving the NICU, nothings more exciting—and challenging—than the critical transition to home life with their baby. Support the NICU-to-home transition with this accessible book, the complete guide to helping parents meet their babys special needs and promote optimal development in the first year after homecoming.

Invaluable for a wide range of professionals—including early interventionists, OTs, PTs, public health nurses, physicians, and social workers—this book is the key to providing family-centered, developmentally supportive guidance in the months after the NICU. Professionals will deepen their understanding of the emotional and physical challenges of the NICU experience, and theyll get in-depth guidance on how to support parents effectively as they

  • develop a loving and satisfying relationship with their baby
  • manage the changes to their daily routines and home environment
  • recognize, interpret, and respond to the babys signals and behaviors
  • actively encourage motor and language development
  • support the babys management of sleep/wake cycles
  • identify concerns about the babys development
  • learn the timing, intensity, and amount of activity that work for their unique baby
  • promote their babys self-regulation
  • locate and access community resources and social supports

To illuminate the incredible strength of parents of premature infants, the book includes powerful stories of real families who share their experiences of supporting and loving their babies in the NICU and beyond. Readers will also receive printable handouts to share with families—Coming Home: What to Expect; Reading Your Babys Cues; Feeding Your Baby; Positioning and Handling Strategies; Communicating With Your Baby; Playing With Your Baby; Helping Your Baby Learn; and more—and lists of resources, websites, and organizations that provide additional information and support.

With this definitive guide from two leading experts in infant development and early intervention, professionals will provide sensitive, effective support and guidance to new parents as they make a smooth transition to home life and develop strong relationships with their babies.


Review by: J. Kevin Nugent, The Brazelton Institute, Division of Developmental Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
"This is a truly invaluable resource for professionals who work with parents and their infants, who are making the transition from NICU to home. With their vast experience in working with infants and families, Dr. Kathleen VandenBerg and Dr. Marci Hanson have captured with sensitivity and understanding the challenges faced by infants and families, during this transition. Brimming with clinical vignettes and practical information sheets, including guidelines for professionals and tips for parents, this book successfully balances cutting edge research and clinical practice, in a way that makes the material accessible to both professionals and parents alike."
Review by: Zack Boukydis, NICU Network Neurobehavioral Scale Trainer; Fullbright Fellow US/Hungary; Author, Collaborative Consultation with Parents and Infants in the Perinatal Period
"This book is a much needed resource for parents and professionals working with parents on the transition of preterm infants from NICU to home care. It is written in a style which is highly accessible for parents. The book provides necessary therapeutic frameworks for parents and professionals to be able to work effectively together to understand each infant's behavior and promote each infant's well-being. In addition, the book provides invaluable information about innovative interventions, as well as community and peer resources for parents of pre-terms."

Table of Contents

Contents of the Accompanying CD-ROM
About the Authors
Note to the Reader

  1. Introduction
  2. Impact of the Newborn Intensive Care Experience
  3. Bringing Baby Home from the NICU
  4. Nurturing the Parent–Infant Relationship
  5. Understanding Early Infant Behavior and Development
  6. Supporting Babies' Early Development as They Make the Transition Home
  7. Supporting Families
  8. Finding Resources for Children with Special Needs

Appendix A      Useful Terms
Appendix B      Understanding Age: Chronological and Corrected Age
Appendix C      Organizations and Agencies Concerned with Children's Health and Development: Resources for Parents and Professionals
Appendix D      Parent and Caregiver Resources on Prematurity
Appendix E      Snapshots of Handouts on the Accompanying CD-ROM

CD-ROM Contents

  • Coming Home: What to Expect
  • Reading Your Baby's Cues
  • Feeding Your Baby
  • Positioning and Handling Strategies for Caring for Your Baby
  • Communicating with Your Baby
  • Playing with Your Baby
  • Helping Your Baby Learn
  • Fostering Your Baby's Movements
  • Suggestions for Supporting Development in the First Year
  • Getting to Know the Family

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