Design and Deliver: Planning and Teaching Using Universal Design for Learning

Author: Loui Lord Nelson; Foreword Author: David H. Rose Ph.D.; Illustrator: Allison Posey

Format: Paperback, 168 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598573503
Price: $32.95

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Universal Design for Learning is the best way to teach all students effectively—but how can a busy teacher get started with UDL right now? Answers are in this vibrant, research-based guidebook, created by seasoned teacher and former UDL Coordinator Loui Lord Nelson. K-12 educators will learn how to use the three key principles of UDL—Engagement, Representation, and Action & Expression—to present information in multiple ways and meet the needs of diverse learners. Written in first person, like a face-to-face talk with a passionate educator, the book gives teachers a reader-friendly UDL primer and a practical framework for implementation, with detailed guidelines on lesson planning and checkpoints that help them stay on track.

  • sharpen executive function skills, such as goal-setting and strategy development
  • improve comprehension and information processing
  • stay engaged during lessons and overcome distractions
  • communicate effectively using multiple tools, including both high and low/no technology options
  • develop self-regulation and self-assessment skills
  • sustain effort and persistence
  • increase autonomy
  • show what they know through flexible, individualized assessment options

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Diverse examples of successfully using UDL across grades, sample assignments and activity ideas, and helpful tips and personal reflections from teachers and administrators.

Videos included online! Watch 16 short clips with UDL tips from experienced educators:

ENHANCED E-BOOK VERSION AVAILABLE! The full-color e-book includes 16 embedded video clips of teachers and administrators offering tips on key UDL topics, such as choosing goals, promoting executive function, recruiting student interest, and helping students generalize new skills.

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Review by: Daniel McNulty, State Director, PATINS - ICAM
“Loui Lord Nelson's practical examples and distinctly crafted explanations of UDL as a learning framework, rather than another tool or strategy, is key to this book's applicability to educators in all learning environments. Loui's grasp of UDL is clearly applied in sensible and workable means throughout the book.”
Review by: Dr. Dawn McGrath, Director of Secondary Education, Hamilton Southeastern Schools
“Explains Universal Design in a clear way that not only provides the reader with the vision and confidence to apply this framework, but also instills the belief that it is the right thing to do.”
Review by: Katharina Boser
“Written to translate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles for layperson and expert alike, Loui Lord Nelson models the framework of UDL through visuals, multiple examples, engaging stories and calls for action and expression in both the physical and virtual classroom . . . The book is sure to be a must have for schools in states adopting UDL in their curriculum guidelines.”
Review by: Alex Dunn, Speech Language Pathologist, Upper Canada District School Board and President of Inclusioneers
“Not only promotes understanding of the framework of UDL, but through concrete examples and thought-provoking questions, stimulates educators to create and cast their own UDL nets in an effort to catch ALL learners.”
Review by: Shannon Carroll-Frey, principal, Arlington Heights Elementary, Monroe County Community School Corporation
“The structures of the UDL framework are made crystal clear through accessible examples, connections to best practices, research that builds the why for its use, and approachable language.”
Review by: Azure Angelov, University of Indianapolis
“Informative, approachable, and tangible . . . This book will be, without question, the go-to UDL book for classroom teachers. Thank you, Loui, for taking the guess work out of UDL!”
Review by: Amy Fuller, teacher
“Explains UDL in a straightforward, user-friendly, easily understood manner . . . inspires the reader to begin incorporating the UDL principles, guidelines, and checkpoints immediately to reach all learners.”
Review by: Katie Novak, Reading Coordinator/Title I Director/ELL Director, Chelmsford Public Schools, MA
“Reading Design and Deliver is like having a friendly conversation with your own personal UDL mentor . . . Writing in a voice that weaves together her research background and classroom experience, Loui Lord Nelson delivers a must-read for teachers.”
Review by: Fran Smith, Adjunct Professor, George Washington University
“An excellent analysis of the core UDL principles, guidelines, and checkpoints, with multiple examples of how these are applied to the design of any instructional setting. I look forward to incorporating this book into my graduate coursework on UDL.”
Review by: Laura Riffel, visiting professor, University of Central Oklahoma
“Addresses a crucial aspect of sustaining universal design for learning in the classroom . . . This book answers all your questions and gives real world examples.”
Review by: Rachel Janney, author of Teachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices
“Dr. Nelson's clear descriptions and vivid examples will help teachers not only better understand the theory of UDL, but also use it with confidence in their classrooms.”
Review by: Matt Bergman, teacher, blogger, and graduate instructor
“Provides practical ways of implementing the UDL framework, to make the process of learning more efficient and effective. This book has changed the way that I view my responsibilities and functions an educator within my classroom ecosystem.”
Review by: Cindy Golden, author, The Special Educators Toolkit; Assistant Director, Northstar Educational and Therapeutic Center; Owner, Educators Essentials
“Loui Lord Nelson did an amazing job of making Universal Design (UDL) practical. I would recommend to all educators who need a practical understanding of UDL and how to simply implement it into their classroom.”
Review by: Jeff McCormick, Program Director, Universal Design for Learning @ OCALI
“Practical implementation strategies for Universal Design for Learning are unearthed in this engaging book . . . As readers learn how to apply the three principles of UDL in their classrooms and instructional design, more learners will begin to experience success.”
Review by: Michael Wehmeyer, University of Kansas
“Design and Deliver is not only user-friendly, it practices what it preaches, providing a model for how to create universally designed materials. It should be a reference for every teacher providing instruction to students with disabilities.”

Table of Contents

About the Author
Foreword: David Rose

I. Introducing Universal Design for Learning

  1. Introducing Universal Design for Learning
  2. The Vocabulary and Myths of Universal Design for Learning

II. The Principles of Universal Design for Learning

  1. Engagement
  2. Representation
  3. Action and Expression

III. From Planning to Practice

  1. Designing with Learning in Mind
  2. The Goal and the Lesson


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