Developing Staff Competencies for Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities: An Orientation Handbook, Second Edition

Authors: James F. Gardner Ph.D., M.A.S., Michael S. Chapman

Format: Paperback, 480 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781557661074
Price: $44.95

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Formerly titled Staff Development in Mental Retardation Services: A Practical Handbook, this second edition, in an easier-to-use format, gives service providers helpful strategies for increasing effectiveness and maintaining well-being while working in the rewarding yet challenging field of human services. Filled with answers to pertinent questions about service development, delivery, and assessment, this intuitive guide also offers guidelines for working with families, coping with stress and burnout, and enhancing service management and quality.


Review: Physical Therapy
"Gardner and Chapman have written a handbook in the best sense of the word . . . a guide to the process of learning and change in the direction of current trends such as inclusion and respectful philosophies of care."

Table of Contents


Section I: Foundations of Services

  1. An Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
  2. Historical and Contemporary Trends in Services
  3. The Principle of Normalization
  4. Legal Rights of Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Section II: Program Development for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

  1. The Process of Assessment
  2. The Interdisciplinary Team Process
  3. Developing Instructional Strategies
  4. Identifying and Measuring Behaviors
  5. Principles of Behavior Intervention

Section III: New Trends and Individual Differences

  1. Human Sexuality
  2. Leisure and Recreation
  3. Adaptive Technology
  4. Supported Employment

Section IV: Maintaining Perspectives: Guidelines for Individual Employees

  1. Coping with Stress and Burnout
  2. Working with Families
  3. Maintaining Safe Environments
  4. Drugs and Medications
  5. Management Responsibilities
  6. Maintaining and Enhancing Quality of Services


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