Early Childhood Literacy: The National Early Literacy Panel and Beyond

Volume Editors: Timothy Shanahan Ph.D., Christopher J Lonigan Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 336 pages, 6.0 x 9.0
ISBN: 9781598571158
Price: $34.95

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What are today's best practices in early literacy instruction—and what should schools and programs focus on in the near future? More than 20 of the biggest names in early literacy research explore the answers in this essential volume for program directors, administrators, and curriculum developers.

Using the landmark National Early Literacy Panel (NELP) Report as a starting point, this accessible book breaks the report down into key takeaways, recommends future directions in policy and practice, and tackles emerging issues and new research not addressed in the NELP report.

Readers will get balanced, insightful analyses of the latest research on

  • identification of early literacy learning needs
  • phonological awareness and print knowledge
  • comprehension development
  • effective book sharing with young children
  • curriculum-based language interventions
  • the effect of socio-emotional development on academic outcomes
  • pre-K curricula (including which ones show clear evidence of positive effects)
  • the role of home and parent programs in children's literacy development
  • early literacy intervention for young children with special needs

A critical volume that sets the stage for positive change, this important book is a must for every leader in early education. Readers will come away with a nuanced understanding of key issues and recommended practices—knowledge they'll use to drive their decision-making and strengthen early literacy outcomes for young children.


Review: CHOICE magazine
"This reader-friendly book is packed with contributions from a Who's Who of highly respected early language and literacy researchers. This volume makes clear the imoprtance of supporting early language and literacy development with evidence-based strategies and opportunities, and it affirms the link between early language development and later success in reading and written language."
Review by: Nell Duke, Professor of Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Michigan
"This book is notable for its currency, the range of topics represented, and the role it can play in shaping the research agenda in early literacy."
Review by: Andrea DeBruin-Parecki, Graduate Program Director, Early Childhood Education, Old Dominion University
"Further clarifies the results of the NELP report and expands on vital issues within it, consistently advocating for the importance of young children's early literacy development to future academic success."
Review by: Diane Haager, California State University Los Angeles
"This book has gathered the most important information about early literacy development into one easy-to-read book. It will be a valuable resource to researchers and other literacy professionals."
Review by: Lesley Morrow, Professor of Literacy, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
"A research-based extraordinarily important contribution to early literacy in this country . . . It should be read by all who are in the field of early childhood."

Table of Contents

About the Editors
About the Contributors

  1. The National Early Literacy Panel: A Summary of the Report
    Timothy Shanahan and Christopher J. Lonigan
  2. Contributions of Large-Scale Federal Research Projects to the Early Literacy Knowledge Base
    James A. Griffin and Peggy McCardle
  3. Identifying Early Literacy Learning Needs: Implications for Child Outcome Standards and Assessment Systems
    Elizabeth Spencer, Trina Spencer, Howard Goldstein,and Naomi Schneider
  4. Relations of Children's Socioemotional Development to Academic Outcomes
    Tracy L. Spinrad, Carlos Valiente, and Nancy Eisenberg
  5. Phonological Awareness and Alphabet Knowledge: Key Precursors and Instructional Targets to Promote Reading Success
    Beth M. Phillips and Shayne B. Piasta
  6. Sharing Books with Children
    Jill M. Pentimonti, Laura M. Justice, and Shayne B. Piasta
  7. Parent Education and Home-Based Efforts to Improve Childrens Literacy
    Barbara Hanna Wasik and Beth Anne Feldman
  8. Significant Differences: Identifying the Evidence Base for Promoting Childrens Early Literacy Skills in Early Childhood Education
    Christopher J. Lonigan and Anne E. Cunningham
  9. Methodological and Practical Challenges of Curriculum-Based Language Interventions
    David K. Dickinson and Catherine L. Darrow
  10. Young Childrens Oral Language Abilities and Later Reading Comprehension
    Tiffany P. Hogan, Kate Cain, and Mindy Sittner Bridges
  11. Early Literacy Intervention forYoung Children with Special Needs
    Judith Carta and Coralie Driscoll
  12. Content, Concepts, and Reading Comprehension: What's Missing in the National Early Literacy Panel Report
    Tanya Kaefer, Susan B. Neuman, and Ashley Pinkham
  13. Reflections on the National Early Literacy Panel: Looking Back and Moving Forward
    Christopher J. Lonigan and Timothy Shanahan


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