Early Intervention in Action: Working Across Disciplines to Support Infants with Multiple Disabilities and Their Families

Author: Deborah Chen Ph.D.; With Authors: M. Diane Klein Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Elise Holloway MPH, OTR/L, Janice Myck-Wayne, Patricia Salcedo, Rita Snell

Format: CD-ROM, 386 pages, 5.3 x 7.5
ISBN: 9781557669957
Price: $69.95

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There's never been an early intervention text like this! A core textbook on a single convenient CD-ROM, Early Intervention in Action is an interactive training tool on a subject every EI professional needs to master: how to collaborate effectively with other service providers to address the complex needs of infants with multiple disabilities. Perfect for the growing number of distance learning courses—as well as traditional university courses and inservice professional development—this one-of-a-kind text ensures that early intervention practitioners
  • Benefit from hands-on learning. The 41 captioned video clips embedded in the text give students what other textbooks can't: vivid demonstrations of key concepts and an inside look at the support needs of real children and families.
  • Apply recommended practices with specialized populations. This single textbook compiles all the critical, hard-to-find information professionals need to work with children with a wide range of disabilities.
  • Work successfully with other professionals & families. Educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and other professionals will learn to collaborate with each other and with families to provide coordinated services and improve child outcomes.
  • Learn what's most important. Professionals will get practical guidance on addressing early communication development, sensory processing, motor development, vision, and hearing-and infusing interdisciplinary interventions into the child's daily routine.

Accessible, interactive, and easy to navigate, this textbook-on-CD will help pre-and inservice professionals understand the needs of infants with multiple disabilities—and ensure better outcomes for children and families.

Why users will love this textbook on CD-ROM:

Easy to navigate, with clickable links that let users jump to the information they need

    • Enhanced with dozens of high-quality video clips
    • Learning objectives and self-assessments
    • Field tested and informed by feedback from real students and early intervention service providers
    • Flexible format—perfect for in-class or distance learning


Review by: Toni Cacciatore
"Excellent. Easy to navigate with clips that illustrated the concepts . . . the information supported our current practices as well as offering new insights."
Review by: Cathy Pope, School NurseChildcare Health Consultant, Merced County Office of Education

"Gives any early intervention service provider a clearer understanding of other disciplines, who to access for supporting the family and child, and what services might be provided . . . a unique resource."

Review by: Carole Shugard, Early Start Teacher, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

"Very valuable insights into best practices . . . I continue to refer back to the video clips when setting up or reviewing my practice with my students. When I share the pictures and video clips with parents, they connect to the experience of another parent, and become more willing to try various activities and strategies."

Review by: Kim Barnes, San Diego County Office of Education, North County Regional Education Center, HOPE Infant Family Support Program

"I have reviewed this material multiple times throughout the years since taking the course as a way to reflect on my approach, style, and knowledge, so I can provide the best support possible for families."

Review by: Sharon Kilpatrick, Early Start Teacher, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

"The video clips greatly enhanced the materials. Having the opportunity to gain information from such a wide range of professionals provided a learning experience that might not have been possible in a traditional classroom setting."

Table of Contents


Module 1: Working with Families

Module 2: Home Visiting Approaches in Early Intervention Serving Infants with Disabilities

Module 3: Early Communication Development and the Role of Caregiver-Child Interaction

Module 4: Sensory Processing in the Context of Early Intervention, Part 1

Module 5: Sensory Processing in the Context of Early Intervention, Part 2

Module 6: Motor Development and Physical Disabilities

Module 7: Vision Development and Visual Impairment

Module 8: Hearing Loss

Module 9: Infusing Interdisciplinary Interventions within the Daily Routine

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