Educating Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities: A Collaborative Approach, Fifth Edition

Volume Editors: Fred P. Orelove Ph.D., Dick Sobsey, Donna Gilles

Format: Paperback, 552 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598576542
Price: $69.95

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A cornerstone of special education training for 30 years, this is the definitive textbook for preparing educators, counselors, and other related services professionals to teach children with severe and multiple disabilities in inclusive settings. Now in a revised, thoroughly updated, and streamlined fifth edition, this bestselling volume gives current and future educators the research and practical strategies they need to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students. Presenting a team-based, collaborative approach to education, this comprehensive text includes valuable contributions from respected experts in diverse fields, including fresh voices in special education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, communication, counseling, and pediatrics. Equally useful for preservice professionals and practicing educators in inclusive classrooms, this highly regarded textbook will fully prepare professionals to meet the educational, emotional, and health care needs of students with severe and multiple disabilities.

  • New chapters on topics essential to effective practice, such as teaching strategies and transition to adulthood
  • Updates based on the latest developments in special education
  • Cutting-edge information on assistive technology and understanding challenging behaviors infused throughout the book
  • New student-friendly features that enhance learning, such as chapter objectives, key terms, reflection questions, and challenging activities
  • Engaging and instructive case stories at the start of each chapter
  • New online course materials, including slides that outline key ideas to remember
  • Helpful new chapter organization that introduces readers to the diverse needs of students with severe and multiple disabilities and follows up with practical teaching strategies

SELECTED TOPICS COVERED: adaptations, accommodations, and modifications * alternate assessments *assistive technology * collaborative learning strategies * communication skills * curriculum design * *IEPs * instructional planning * integration of health care and education programs * nutrition and mealtime considerations * partnerships with parents and families * physical disabilities * sensory disabilities * special health care needs * transition to adulthood


Review by: Winnie Dunn, Professor & Chair, Department of Occupational Therapy Education, University of Kansas Medical Center
“Our own humanity is reflected in the ways we include others in our everyday lives. When we respectfully explore and implement what makes everyone's life successful and satisfying for them, on their terms, in the places they want to be, a beacon of light shines back on ourselves. This book will show you the way with specific tools so you can fulfill your own vision to be an inclusive, evidence-based and strategic partner in supporting children, their families, and the entire education team.”
Review by: Michael Giangreco, Center on Disability & Community Inclusion, University of Vermont
“This enduring standard continues to support teams working with students who have severe and multiple disabilities. Experienced and knowledgeable contributors from multiple fields offer a wealth of information translating contemporary research, theory, and their extensive direct experiences into practices that match today's more inclusive contexts. Orleove, Sobsey and Gilles offer a compassionate and creative foundation for constructive collaboration among team members.”

Table of Contents

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About the Editors
About the Contributors
  1. Designing Collaborative Educational Services
    Chigee Jan Cloninger

  2. Partnering with Parents and Families
    Dick Sobsey

  3. Educating Students with Physical Disabilities
    Toby Long and Rachel Brady

  4. Educating Students with Sensory Disabilities
    Julie Durando, Deborah Chen, and Jerry Petroff

  5. Educating Children with Special Health Care Needs
    Dick Sobsey

  6. Integrating Health Care in Education Programs
    Kathryn Wolff Heller

  7. Teaching Communication Skills
    Pat Mirenda and June Downing (post.)

  8. Nutrition and Mealtime Considerations
    Carole K. Ivey and Dianne Koontz Lowman

  9. Designing and Adapting the Curriculum
    Kathleen Gee

  10. Instructing Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms
    Alice Udvari-Solner, Kate Ahlgren Bouchard, and Kiel Harell

  11. Creating Educational Adaptations, Accommodations, and Modifications
    Julie Causton, Alice Udvari-Solner, and Kate MacLeod

  12. Alternate Assessments for Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
    Harold Kleinert and Jacqueline Farmer Kearns

  13. Transition to Adulthood for Youth with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
    Mary Morningstar


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