Effective Early Childhood Professional Development: Improving Teacher Practice and Child Outcomes

Series Editors: Carollee Howes Ph.D., Robert C. Pianta Ph.D.; Volume Editor: Bridget K. Hamre Ph.D.; Foreword Author: Martha Zaslow Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 256 pages, 6.0 x 9.0
ISBN: 9781598572377
Price: $36.95

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Professional development practices that really improve child outcomes—that's what every early childhood education program needs. With this authoritative research volume, administrators and policy makers will discover the latest findings on best professional development practices—and learn how to scale up successful efforts across an entire district or state.

Based on the annual leadership symposium of the National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education (NCRECE), this book is a must for anyone engaged in high-level efforts to ensure teacher quality. Through clear explanations of cutting-edge research from two dozen respected contributors, readers will

  • investigate specific, field-tested professional development (PD) models that improved both teacher practice and child outcomes (with a spotlight on Robert Pianta's effective MyTeachingPartner framework)
  • learn how these models helped educators teach academic content areas (early literacy, math, and science) and improve children's social-emotional skills
  • examine positive teacher attributes that PD efforts should target, such as increased self-regulation skills and reduced cognitive overload
  • discover success strategies for scaling up professional development efforts through existing infrastructure and more investment in teacher quality (includes an extended case study on a comprehensive PD program in Texas)
  • explore the policy implications of the professional development interventions described in this volume

Essential reading for early childhood administrators, policy makers, and researchers, this important book will help bring about widespread improvements in professional development programs—key to advancing teacher quality and better outcomes for young children.


Review by: Mark Nagasawa, Education Review
"The collection points to promising approaches and also offers readers much to think about, in particular how research and evaluation findings (and which ones) influence the kinds of federal and state policies needed to shift systemic resources towards evidence-informed professional development practices."
Review: Midwest Book Review, Library Bookwatch Education Shelf
"A strong addition to community library education and education administration collections."
Review by: Pam Winton, FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"With clarity and focus, this volume outlines what is known and NOT known about effective models of professional development . . . a must read for those with the money, power and authority to make professional development decisions."
Review by: Susan Neuman, Professor of Educational Studies, University of Michigan
"Well-organized and research-based . . . A much-needed resource for preparing and sustaining high quality teaching in early childhood."

Table of Contents

Series Preface
About the Editors
About the Contributors

I. Effective Models of Professional Development Interventions in Promoting Teacher and Child Outcomes

  1. Using Coaching-Based Professional Development to Improve Head Start Teachers' Support of Children's Oral Language Skills
  2. Designing Effective Curricula and Teacher Professional Development for Early Childhood Mathematics and Science
  3. Improving Preschool Education with Curriculum Enhancements and Professional Development: The Head Start REDI Intervention Model
  4. Early Literacy Intervention Intensity and Its Relation to Child Outcomes

II. Factors Facilitating and/or Moderating Implementation

  1. Extending Models of Emotional Self-Regulation to Classroom Settings: Implications for Professional Development
  2. Reduced Cognitive Load and Enhanced Automaticity in the Classroom: The Role of Video-Based Coursework and Coaching in Improving Teachers' Effective Use of Interactions

III. Scaling up Professional Development

  1. History, Scale-Up, and Improvements of a Comprehensive, Statewide Professional Development Program in Texas
  2. Scaling-up a Program of Research, Development, and Implementation for Professional Development to Improve Teacher-Student Interactions

Conclusion: Implications for Policy

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