Equity and Full Participation for Individuals with Severe Disabilities: A Vision for the Future

Volume Editors: Martin Agran Ph.D., Fredda Brown Ph.D., Carolyn Hughes Ph.D., Carol Quirk, Diane Lea Ryndak Ph.D.; Foreword Authors: Barbara Trader, David L. Westling

Format: Paperback, 448 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598572704
Price: $59.95

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What key issues and challenges affect the lives of people with severe disabilities today—and what should tomorrow's professionals do to address them? Aligned with the core values and agenda of TASH, this visionary text prepares professionals to strengthen supports and services for people with disabilities across the lifespan. Readers will fully examine more than a dozen critical topics in the lives of people with severe disabilities; explore necessary reforms to policy and practice; and set clear goals and priorities for improving early intervention, education, health care, behavior supports, and social services. Whether used as a textbook or a professional reference, this innovative volume will help usher in a new era of services that support full inclusion and quality of life for people with severe disabilities.


  • Addressing inequities in our educational and social services system
  • Designing and delivering effective early intervention and education
  • Expanding and improving inclusive education
  • Supporting families of children with severe disabilities
  • Resolving challenges to person-centered planning and self-determination
  • Providing effective and respectful positive behavior supports
  • Improving access to the general curriculum
  • Delivering effective literacy instruction to students with severe disabilities
  • Removing barriers to friendships and social relationships
  • Supporting students with health care needs in general education classrooms
  • Promoting access to postsecondary education, employment, and community life
  • Providing appropriate medical and social services to elderly individuals with severe disabilities
ONLINE COMPANION MATERIALS: This book comes with online PowerPoint slides for faculty, ideal for complementing and enhancing lessons.


Review by: Wayne Sailor, Director, SWIFT Center, Beach Center on Disability, University of Kansas
“An excellent, readable book . . . covers the waterfront from early childhood to the elderly, and with the current policy agenda of inclusion coupled with College and Career Readiness, should be a desktop resource for all educators.”
Review by: Steven Eidelman, University of Delaware
“Clearly summarizes history, contemporary policy and practice for people experiencing significant disability . . . should be a required text for students interested in working for and with people with disabilities.”
Review by: Belva Collins, University of Kentucky
“A book that I will be using in my doctoral seminar to educate faculty of tomorrow in the issues they will be facing in the coming decades . . . It is also a text that can arm persons with severe disabilities and those who advocate for them with the factual information and philosophical underpinnings that they need to effect change.”
Review by: Glen Dunlap, University of South Florida and University of Nevada, Reno
“A comprehensive, contemporary and coherent synthesis of the important issues concerning severe disabilities today and for the coming decade . . . simultaneously authoritative and progressive.”
Review by: Karrie Shogren, University of Kansas
“The range of topics and depth of analysis make this a must have book for anyone interested in current issues in the field of severe disabilities.”

Table of Contents

About the Online Companion Materials
About the Editors
Foreword: David L. Westling and Barbara Trader

I. Foundations
  1. Disability in the 21st Century: Seeking a Future of Equity and Full Participation
    Michael Wehmeyer
  2. Poverty and Disability: Addressing the Ties that Bind
    Carolyn Hughes and Latanya L. Fanion
  3. Forty Years of Living and Thriving with Disabilities: Perceptions of a Self-Advocate and Her Family
    Michelle Sommerstein, Lynn Sommerstein, Robert Sommerstein, David Sommerstein, and Diane Ryndak
  4. Person-Centered Planning and the Quest for Systems Change
    John O'Brien
  5. Promoting Self-Determination and Self-Directed Learning
    Martin Agran and Carolyn Hughes
  6. Providing Respectful Behavior Supports
    Fredda Brown and Linda M. Bambara
II. Children and Youth
  1. Early Intervention and Early Education
    Lise Fox, Mary Frances Hanline, Juliann Woods, and Ann Mickelson
  2. Inclusive Education and Meaningful School Outcomes
    John McDonnell and Pam Hunt
  3. Literacy and Communication
    Susan Copeland, Elizabeth Keefe, and J.S. de Valenzuela
  4. Social Interactions and Friendships
    Erik W. Carter, Kristen Bottema-Beutel, and Matthew E. Brock
  5. Access to the General Education Curriculum in General Education Classes
    Fred Spooner, Bethany R. McKissick, Melissa E. Hudson, and Diane M. Browder
  6. Serving Students with Health Care Needs
    Donna Lehr
III. Adult Outcomes
  1. Ensuring Employment Outcomes: Preparing Students for a Working Life
    Michael Callahan, John Butterworth, Jane Boone, Ellen Condon, and Richard Luecking
  2. Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
    Meg Grigal, Debra Hart, and Cate Weir
  3. Evolving Narratives in Community Living
    Lyle T. Romer and Pamela Walker
  4. Serving an Elderly Population
    Christine Bigby, Philip McCallion, and Mary McCarron
  5. Medicaid Waivers and Medicare Support: A 21st-Century Perspective
    Tom Nerney, Julie Marron, and Mike Head
IV. A Look Around and Ahead
  1. Societal Inclusion and Equity Internationally: Initiatives, Illustrations, Challenges, and Recommendations
    Diane Ryndak, Deborah S. Reed, Grzegorz Szumski, Ann-Marie Orlando, Joanna Smogorzewska, and Wei Gao
  2. Future Directions and Possibilities
    Martha E. Snell and Virginia L. Walker

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