First Steps to Preschool Inclusion: How to Jumpstart Your Programwide Plan

Authors: Sarika S. Gupta Ph.D., William R. Henninger IV, Ph.D., Megan E. Vinh Ph.D.; Foreword Author: Phillip S. Strain Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 224 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598572520
Price: $36.95

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Interested in preschool inclusion, but not sure where to start? This introductory guide gathers everything you need to know to launch a successful inclusive early childhood program—and get critical buy-in from your whole staff. A must for leaders of early childhood programs, this reader-friendly primer reveals how inclusive education benefits all children, how school staff and parents can work as a team to make it happen, and how to knock down common barriers to inclusion. Combining the latest research with the nuts and bolts of program development, this book will help current and future early childhood leaders assemble highly effective inclusion teams and develop programs where every child learns and thrives.


  • Understand what inclusion is and what it looks like in practice
  • Assess your program's readiness for inclusion
  • Determine what your program needs to make inclusion work
  • Learn which federal laws support inclusion in different early childhood settings
  • Collaborate with staff and parents to develop and sustain key program changes
  • Break through the myths and misinformation that create resistance to inclusion

PRACTICAL FEATURES: Quick tips, vignettes, reflection activities, FYIs, and helpful resource lists make this an ideal preservice text and a practical team-building tool for inservice professional development.


Review: Midwest Book Review
“[First Steps to Preschool Inclusion] dispels myths and offers a focus on realities of inclusive educational processes. A must for any early childhood educator.”
Review by: Barbara Smith, University of Colorado Denver
“An invaluable first step toward increasing the awareness and competence of administrators about how to provide high quality typical settings in which young children can receive their special education and related services.”
Review by: Joan Lieber, University of Maryland
“Excellent information about inclusion a wealth of specific information about the steps that teachers and child care providers can take to get their program ready for inclusion.”
Review by: Beth Rous, University of Kentucky
“A must read for those who lead and administer early childhood programs and care about providing high quality environments that support all young children in reaching their full potential.”
Review by: Diana LaRocco, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, University Coordinator of Assessment; Director, Center for Leadership in Education and Health, University of Hartford
“A wonderful introductory text for training beginning professionals about preschool inclusion.”

Table of Contents

About the Forms
About the Authors
About the Contributor
Foreword: Phillip S. Strain
Preface: Sarika S. Gupta

I. Inclusion, Policy, and Research

1. What is Inclusion?
Sarika S. Gupta

2. What Federal Laws and Policies Govern Inclusion?
Megan E. Vinh & William R. Henninger, IV

3. How Do Children Benefit from Inclusion?
William R. Henninger, IV & Sarika S. Gupta

II. Critical Considerations for Inclusion

4. Is My Program Ready for Inclusion? Assessing the Climate
Sarika S. Gupta

5. What Are My Programs Inclusion Requirements and Resources to Help Me Understand Them?
Sarika S. Gupta & Megan E. Vinh

6. How Will I Support Key Program Changes?: Tools for Collaboration
Megan E. Vinh, Sarika S. Gupta, & Laura DiNardo

7. What Are the Barriers and How Can I Address Them?
Sarika S. Gupta & Megan E. Vinh

Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions


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