From Text Maps to Memory Caps: 100 More Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K-12 Inclusive Classrooms

Authors: Paula Kluth Ph.D., Sheila Danaher M.S.Ed.

Format: Paperback, 264 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598573602
Price: $42.95

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Differentiated instruction is simple and fun with this treasure trove of ready-to-use adaptations for grades K-12. All teachers—especially fans of Kluth & Danaher's From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks—will love the 100 creative NEW ideas in this illustrated guide, perfect for meeting the learning needs of all students in inclusive classrooms. An effective, time-saving way to boost student skills in key areas such as literacy, math, organization, communication, and behavior, these research-based adaptations will strengthen and energize any curriculum.

  • Teacher-designed and student-tested, so they're sure to engage students and help them learn
  • Easy to use—each adaptation comes with a handy materials list, clear directions, vendors and websites, and examples.
  • Cost-effective, using inexpensive materials and resources many teachers already have
  • Great for all students in K–12 classrooms, whether they're English-language learners, students with identified disabilities, or just need extra support or reminders
  • Fully illustrated with colorful photos that show the strategies at work

Help all students learn with adaptations like:
  • Talk-o-Meters
  • Student-Friendly Storage
  • Brain Break Buckets
  • Book Trailers
  • Word Clouds
  • DIY Magnetic Poetry
  • Dialogue Journals
  • Quick Quip Key Chains
  • Communication Kits
  • Goal Setting Cards
  • Purposeful Puzzles
  • Social Skills Slam Books
  • Observation Bottles
  • Stick Puppets
  • Story Stones
  • Poetry Dice
  • Graph Guides
  • Recycled Keyboards
  • Customized Bingo Boards
  • Comic Strip Check-Ins
  • and 80 more!


Review by: Paula Goldberg, Executive Director, PACER Center; Co-Director, for the ALLIANCE National Parent Technical Assistance Center
“These simple-to-implement adaptations can make a profound difference for children with learning or behavior challenges. The creative, hands-on ideas will also make learning more fun and engaging for everyone!”
Review by: Robin Greenfield, University of Idaho
“What a great resource! Offers teachers inexpensive and creative ways to include a range of students in K-12 inclusive classrooms.”
Review by: Richael Barger-Anderson, Associate Professor, Special Education Department, Slippery Rock University of PA
“A creative and useful educator resource. Teachers of all ages, abilities, and learning styles will benefit from the practical strategies shared in this manual.”
Review by: LouAnne Boyd, author, The Social Compass Curriculum; Autism Coordinator, NOC SELPA, Orange County, CA; adjunct faculty, California State University Fullerton
“Unique materials with universal effectiveness . . . contains succinct descriptions and a multitude of concrete examples. Every K-12 teacher needs this book!”
Review by: Jamie Canales, Education Specialist: AGC/Low-Incidence School Services, Region 16 Education Service Center
“What a great resource to inspire and boost teachers momentum in differentiating instruction for their students. A busy teachers best friend!”

Table of Contents

Also by Paula Kluth
About the Authors

  1. Talk-o-Meters
  2. Lit Bins
  3. Month-at-a-Glance Calendar
  4. Clipboard Corral
  5. Personalized Learning Agenda
  6. Protocol Book
  7. Flexible Grouping Tools
  8. Helping Hand
  9. Student-Friendly Storage
  10. Volunteer Ads
Environment & Sensory
  1. Reading Windows
  2. Visors
  3. Relaxation Jars
  4. Weighted Pencils
  5. Locker Scribbles
  6. Salt Maps and Figures
  7. Weighted Snakes
  8. Brain Break Bucket
  9. Worksheet Peek
  10. Sensory Book Jackets
  1. Book Trailers
  2. Word Clouds
  3. Community Communicators
  4. Published Products
  5. Projected Directions
  6. Class and Student Blogs
  7. 5-Minute Stylus
  8. Talking Frame
  9. Tap Light Indicator
  10. Tablet Prop
Communication & Participation
  1. Speech Bubble
  2. Handheld Directions
  3. "Your Turn" Sharing Stick
  4. Graffiti Table
  5. Magnetic Poetry
  6. Dialogue Journals
  7. Reading Phones
  8. Quick Quip Keychains
  9. Communication Kits
  10. Rotating Reader
Behavior & Motivation
  1. Goal-Setting Cards
  2. Check-In Tents
  3. Timers
  4. Purposeful Puzzles
  5. Mantra Reminders
  6. Classifieds
  7. Special Interest Swag
  8. Break Slips
  9. Scratch-Off Lottery Cards
  10. Social Skill Slam Book
Teaching & Learning
  1. Doughy Designs
  2. Anchor Charts
  3. Observation Bottles
  4. Costumes
  5. Off-the-Page Word Walls
  6. Stick Puppets
  7. Surprise Bags
  8. Frisbee Toss
  9. Pop-Ups
  10. "All Done" Board
  1. Page Turners
  2. Vocabulary Bars
  3. Building Block Sentences
  4. Story Stones
  5. Slant Board
  6. Story Starter Sticks
  7. Word Exchange
  8. Notebook Flipper
  9. Poetry Dice
  10. 3D-Venn Diagram
  1. Foldables
  2. Interactive Bulletin Boards
  3. Numbers Alive
  4. Graph Guides
  5. Sticky Sticks
  6. Cardboard Dominoes
  7. Recycled Keyboard
  8. Wipe-Off Flashcards
  9. Checkerboard Review
  10. Student-to-Student Tutorials
Study & Review
  1. Customized Bingo Boards
  2. Review Tower
  3. Fortune Tellers
  4. Hang-Ups
  5. "Can You Guess?" Game
  6. More-Than-Math Hopscotch
  7. Memory Caps
  8. Trading Cards
  9. Stackables
  10. Text Maps
  1. Desktop Displays
  2. Censograms
  3. Visual Rubric
  4. Comic Strip Check-In
  5. Exit Slip Display
  6. Tic-Tac-Toe Board
  7. Notebooks
  8. Kiddie Lit Creations
  9. Multiple-Choice Fans
  10. Teacher Report Cards

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