Home and Community Social Behavior Scales Rating Form in Spanish

Authors: Kenneth W. Merrell Ph.D., Paul Caldarella Ph.D.

Format: Saddle-stitched, 4 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
Package of: 25
ISBN: 9781557669933
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Social Behavior Scales at-a-glance


Like its school-based counterpart the SSBS-2, the HCSBS provides integrated comprehensive ratings of both social skills and antisocial problem behaviors. The HCSBS includes two co-normed scales. The Social Competence scale includes 32 items that measure adaptive, prosocial skills on two subscales: Peer Relations and Self-Management/Compliance. The Antisocial Behavior scale includes 32 items that measure socially linked problem behaviors on two subscales: Defiant/Disruptive and Antisocial-Aggressive. The HCSBS is completed by parents usually after the SSBS-2 has indicated that there are areas of concern. The Spanish form will allow Spanish-speaking parents to evaluate their child's behavior and share their concerns with professionals.

This product is sold in a package of 25.

The HCSBS Rating Form (Spanish) is part of SSBS-2 and HCSBS, two easy, reliable tools used in tandem to determine a childs social-emotional strengths and risk behaviors in school (SSBS-2) and at home and in the community (HCSBS). Norm-referenced and standardized, these K–12 screeners help educators identify children with problem behaviors, target classroom interventions, measure the effectiveness of interventions over time, remove barriers to learning, and bring families into the process to provide the best support for children.

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