Inclusion in Action: Practical Strategies to Modify Your Curriculum

Author: Nicole Eredics

Format: Paperback, 208 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781681252247
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How can K–12 educators break down the barriers to full inclusion and teach all learners effectively? Curriculum modifications are the key—and Nicole Eredics is the expert!

A seasoned educator and creator of popular blog The Inclusive Class, Eredics introduces you to the what and how of inclusion in this motivating, reader-friendly guidebook. You'll start with a big-picture guide to creating an inclusive culture in your classroom and school, with invaluable guidance on key topics like team collaboration, universal design for learning, co-teaching, social-emotional supports, and accommodations. Then you'll get 40 specific, teacher-tested strategies to modify your curriculum for students who work below grade level. Ready to use in your classroom right away, each strategy comes with student goals, simple step-by-step directions and implementation tips, suggested interventions and extensions, and samples of authentic student work that illustrate the strategy in action.

Equally useful as a beginner's guide to inclusion and a goldmine of practical ideas for experienced teachers, this must-have book will help make your curriculum “possible and achievable” for every learner, with and without disabilities.

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: More than a dozen reproducible forms for use with specific modifications; lists of helpful inclusion-themed websites, blogs, books, and videos.

40 modifications that help students:
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • Understand story structure
  • Sequence materials, concepts, and numbers
  • Develop recall ability
  • Demonstrate relationships among ideas
  • Organize information
  • Make a representation of a concept
  • Identify similarities and differences
  • Make decisions based on evidence
  • Learn to recognize and correct errors
  • and more!

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Review by: Erik Carter, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Special Education
“This compelling book showcases the principles, practices, and partnerships that will enable students with significant disabilities to flourish in their learning, relationships, and everyday lives. It is a book about belonging and shows the pathway to meaningful school inclusion.”
Review by: Tim Villegas, CAS, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Inclusive
“Inclusion in Action is primed to be a game changer for educators with how they deliver special education services in inclusive classrooms. Simple, straightforward, and immediately relevant strategies for any teacher to implement, Inclusion in Action is an instant classic that will ultimately facilitate comprehensive systems change in the United States and beyond.”
Review by: Jennifer Kurth, University of Kansas
“This book is a useful resource for all educational teams who plan to modify instructional curriculum or students with disabilities. Eredics provides practical ideas and ready-to-use templates for making modifications that enable students to be full members and participants in their general education classrooms. This book embodies values and pedagogy, but even more practical resources teachers can really use.”
Review by: Megan Gross, Education Specialist, 2017 California Teacher of the Year, 2017 National Teacher of the Year Finalist
“Inclusion in Action should be in the hands of every teacher and administrator educating students with disabilities. The book reads like a conversation with the author and provides practical, easy to develop modifications, that novice and veteran teachers alike will want to use. My colleague and I started creating new modifications for our students as soon as the book arrived and haven't stopped!”
Review by: Lisa Friedman, Disability Inclusion Expert and author of Removing the Stumbling Block
“Inclusion in Action: Practical Strategies to Modify Your Curriculum offers a practical and comprehensive approach to increasing inclusive practice across grades, disciplines and school communities. Nicole's strategies and insights are clear and attainable, and hers is a resource beneficial to all educators.”
Review by: Terri Mauro, Author of 50 Ways to Support Your Childs Special Education and The Everything Parents Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder
“As a mom whose daughter was a victim of badly done inclusion, I've read a lot of books on the subject and have always been frustrated by a focus on lofty theory over down-to-earth strategies. Teachers and administrators and school districts need to know how to do this, on the ground, right now. In Inclusion in Action, Nicole Eredics—who's had some experience doing this in the real world—provides just what's needed, from specific ways to adapt meaningful instruction for all levels of learner to worksheets I wish my kids could have had in their school days to a needed reminder that everyone in a school building has a part to play in inclusion. Get this in the hands of a teacher near you ASAP!”
Review by: Kathy Wahl, Director, Inclusion Collaborative, Santa Clara County Office of Education
“Inclusion in Action is an extremely practical resource that all teachers will find valuable. It is an easy to understand text that provides accurate information about inclusive education. And it is full of resources that can be immediately accessed. This book is a must for all teachers who want to provide inclusive education in their classrooms.”
Review by: Whitney Rapp, Author of Universal Design for Learning in Action and Teaching Everyone
“Inclusion in Action provides a strong theoretical foundation as well as many effective practices. Eredics reminds us that inclusion is a core belief and shares strategies to realize it in today's schools.”
Review by: John Draper, Founder of Together We Rock!
“In clear and engaging prose, Nicole Eredics not only outlines the case for inclusion in education, but also offers helpful examples from her own teaching experience, along with sound practical strategies that educators can easily adapt for their own use. Essential reading for everyone involved in student learning.”
Review by: Sheldon Horowitz, Sr. Advisor, NCLD
“Responsible and effective inclusion is hard work. It demands that professionals and communities embrace a mindset of ‘all means all,’ and requires a commitment to personalized learning, collaboration, flexibility and creativity. This book offers just the right balance of historical perspective, personal insights and practical suggestions for shaping and implementing inclusive practices in a welcoming, conversational manner.”
Review by: Brenda Giourmetakis, Supervisor of Inclusive Learning at Edmonton Public Schools
“Wow! What an excellent resource for general education teachers. This book is a comprehensive guide to what inclusion is and how to insure you can create an inclusive classroom for all students. I will be sure to share this book with teachers looking for new ideas to include their students.”
Review by: Susan Marks, Professor of Special Education at Northern Arizona University
“This should be a required book for all teachers, especially general education teachers! Nicole has put together a book that provides the essential elements for making inclusion a reality for all students. Few books on inclusive education are written specifically with the general education teacher in mind. Yet, they are the ones who will lead the way forward so that all students, regardless of their abilities or disabilities are educated together.”
Review by: Carolyn Coil, Educational Consultant and Author
“The most helpful section of [Inclusion in Action] is the 40 practical strategies for curriculum modification. [Each strategy is] explained in a step-by-step manner along with specific examples showing how the strategies work. All teachers should find [these] strategies…doable and workable in most classrooms.”
Review by: Torrie Dunlap, Chief Executive Officer, Kids Included Together
“Inclusion in Action is the comprehensive handbook schools need to create meaningful inclusive school communities. It makes the case for inclusive practice and provides K–12 educators and administrators a detailed roadmap for getting there.”
Review by: Kathleen Winterman, Associate Professor & Program Director of the Special Education Program at Xavier University
“[Nicole Eredics'] international perspective and years of experience with her blog and podcasts have provided her with unique insights to the issues that teachers face within the classroom setting.”
Review by: Renay Marquez, ParaEducate Co-Founder
“All staff, administrators, general and special education teachers, and paraeducators can easily find themselves utilizing this book to help reach students they may not know how to otherwise connect with.”
Review by: Sandra Assimotos McElwee, Author of Whos the Slow Learner? A Chronicle of Inclusion and Exclusion
“I often hear educators ask ‘how’ to do inclusion. This book is the ‘how’ they've been searching for. Every educator should have this book in their mailbox!”
Review by: Anne Beninghof, Consultant and Author
“The title of this new book delivers on its promise—‘practical’ strategies. If you are looking for lots of examples of how to include and modify for students who are working below grade level, this book is for you!”
Review by: Lisa Dieker, University of Central Florida
“This book provides a great foundation for educators or parents to understand the inclusion movement for students with more complex needs. Nicole provides a plethora of resources grounded in work samples for curriculum modifications to help bridge the gap for students with targeted academic needs.”

Table of Contents

About the Forms
About the Author
  • The Struggle to Include
  • What Needs to Change?
  • Bridging the Gap with This Book
I. Including All Students
  1. Preparing for Inclusion
    • Moving From Segregation to Inclusion
    • Core Beliefs of Inclusive Education
    • The Benefits of Inclusive Education
    • Conclusion
  1. Supporting Inclusion Schoolwide
    • The Role of School Leadership and Staff
    • School Culture
    • School Community
    • School Spaces
    • Conclusion
  1. Supporting Inclusion in the Classroom
    • The Inclusive Classroom Team: Building a Network of Support
    • Creating an Inclusive Classroom Culture
    • Conclusion
  1. Making Curriculum Accessible Through Instructional Strategies and Accommodations
    • Ways to Make Classroom Instruction Inclusive
    • Conclusion
  1. Making Curriculum Achievable Through Modifications
    • What Are Curriculum Modifications?
    • Why Modify?
    • How Are Curriculum Modifications Made?
    • Conclusion
II. Modifying Curriculum for Students Who Work Below Grade Level
  1. Research-Based Curriculum Modifications for Inclusion
    • Modifications: Different Ways to Make the Same Curriculum Achievable
    • Maintaining High Standards While Modifying Curriculum
    • Instructional Strategies That Modify Curriculum
    • How to Use the Strategies
    • Conclusion
  1. The Strategies
    • Who Benefits From Use of These Strategies?
    • How to Use This Chapter
    • Strategies for Knowledge Retrieval
    • Strategies for Comprehension
    • Strategies for Analysis
    • Strategies for Knowledge Utilization
Appendix A: Helpful Resources
Appendix B: Helpful Forms

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