Instructional Technology in Early Childhood

Authors: Howard P. Parette Jr., Ed.D., Craig Blum Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 280 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598572452
Price: $42.95

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Videos, apps, web-based games, SMART boards—how can you use instructional technology options like these to strengthen teaching and learning in your early childhood program? Discover the answers in this accessible, problem-solving guide for pre-K and kindergarten, your key to choosing and using instructional technology to improve outcomes and ensure that children with and without disabilities are actively engaged. Aligned with the recent NAEYC policy statement on technology in early childhood programs,* this book gives you a clear, step-by-step "EXPECT IT - PLAN IT - TEACH IT" framework for integrating instructional technology into everyday classroom activities. Also a great textbook for preservice early childhood educators!


  • plan instructional activities that help all children meet curriculum standards and benchmarks
  • integrate developmentally appropriate technology into planned activities
  • use technology to enhance inclusion of children with disabilities and help them achieve IEP goals
  • locate high-quality technology options that are affordable and readily available
  • support emergent reading, writing, positive behavior, and social communication through strategic use of technology
  • weave technology into every part of the school day, including arrival, circle time, snack time, play, and transitions
  • overcome obstacles to use of technology, from financial limitations to teacher training
  • measure the effectiveness of technology-supported activities with assessment tools and data collection strategies


  • Quick-reference charts that lead teachers step-by-step through the EXPECT IT - PLAN IT - TEACH IT approach
  • Detailed classroom vignettes
  • Screenshots and photos of key technology applications
  • Specific examples of enhancing instruction with technology
  • Learning objectives at the start of every chapter

*Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8. A joint position statement of NAEYC & the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media at Saint Vincent College, adopted January 2012.


Review by: Susan Mistrett, Assistive Technology Project Director, Models for Promoting Young Children's Use of Assistive Technology
“If you were unsure about technology use by children, this book will convince you of its absolute appropriateness in supporting children's learning.”
Review by: Sharon Judge, Professor and Associate Dean, Old Dominion University
“Provides concrete examples of how to integrate readily available technologies that can easily be used to support young children's learning. The authors have produced an innovative framework . . . that is just what teachers need right now.”

Table of Contents

About the Authors
About the Contributors
Acknowledgments and Dedication

  1. The Role of Technology for Young Children in the 21st Century
    Howard P. Parette, Jr., Craig Blum, & Amanda C. Quesenberry
  2. Integrating Technology in Early Childhood Classrooms
    Howard P. Parette, Jr., George R. Peterson-Karlan, & Craig Blum
  3. Using Instructional Strategies in Early Childhood Classrooms
    Craig Blum & Howard P. Parette, Jr.
  4. CHECK IT: Assessment & Evaluation in Technology-Supported Early Childhood Classrooms
    Hedda Meadan, Craig Blum, & Howard P. Parette, Jr.
  5. Technology Problem Solving for Children with Disabilities
    George R. Peterson-Karlan, Howard P. Parette, Jr., & Craig Blum
  6. Integrating Technology to Support Emergent Reading
    Karen H. Douglas, Carrie Anna Courtad, April L. Mustian, and Howard P. Parette, Jr.
  7. Integrating Technology to Support Writing
    Emily H. Watts, Yojanna Cuenca-Sanchez, & Howard P. Parette, Jr.
  8. Integrating Technology to Support Social Behavior and Social Communication
    Amanda C. Quesenberry, April L. Mustian, Christine Clark-Bischke, & Craig Blum
  9. Integrating Technology to Support Play
    Christine Clark-Bischke, Emily H. Watts, & Howard P. Parette, Jr.
  10. TECH IT: Obtaining, Evaluating, and Using Instructional Technology Innovations in Early Childhood
    Jason C. Travers & Cori M. More


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