Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children

Series Editors: Steven F. Warren, Marc E. Fey Ph.D., CCC-SLP; Volume Editors: A. Lynn Williams Ph.D., Sharynne McLeod Ph.D., Rebecca J. McCauley Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Format: Paperback w/DVD, 672 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598570182
Price: $82.95

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With detailed discussion and invaluable video footage of 23 treatment interventions for speech sound disorders (SSDs) in children, this textbook and DVD set should be part of every speech-language pathologist's professional preparation. Focusing on children with functional or motor-based speech disorders from early childhood through the early elementary period, this textbook gives preservice SLPs critical analyses of a complete spectrum of evidence-based phonological and articulatory interventions.

This textbook fully prepares SLPs for practice with

  • a vivid inside look at intervention techniques in action through high-quality DVD clips
  • large and varied collection of intervention approaches with widespread use across ages, severity levels, and populations
  • proven interventions in three categories: direct speech production, broader contexts such as perceptual intervention, and speech movements
  • clear explanations of the evidence behind the approaches so SLPs can evaluate them accurately
  • contributions by well-known experts in SSDs from across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK

An essential core text for pre-service SLPs—and an important professional resource for practicing SLPs, early interventionists, and special educators—this book will help readers make the best intervention decisions for children with speech sound disorders.

Evidence-based intervention approaches—demonstrated in DVD clips—such as:
  • minimal pairs
  • perceptual intervention
  • core vocabulary
  • stimulability treatment
  • intervention for developmental dysarthria
  • the psycholinguistic approach


Review: Speech & Language Therapy in Practice
"This detailed reference book for students and clinicians is a "must buy" for any paediatric speech and language therapy department."
Review by: Emma Filies, Speech Pathologist, Sydney South West Area Health Service, Australia
"A breath of fresh air . . . well-written, inspiring, and informative. Each chapter beautifully summarizes the literature covering each perspective on speech sound disorders . . . and best of all, explicit direction is provided for the implementation of each approach. This book will spend more time open on my desk than on the bookshelf"
Review by: Wayne A. Secord, Department of Speech and Hearing Science, The Ohio State University
"An elegant mix of evidence-based practice and instructional leadership . . . Teachers, students, and other professionals will be able to put so much of what they read to use right away, and begin making a difference in the lives of children and adults on Monday."
Review by: Paula R. McGuire, Northwestern University
"Useful both as a text for graduate level courses and for practicing clinicians . . . The lucid mapping provided between the ICF-CY and the interventions is extremely helpful and functional."
Review by: Barbara L. Davis, Houston Harte Centennial Professor of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin
"In this era when evidence-based practice research support for intervention is the standard in our field, Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children provides an invaluable sourcebook for both practicing clinicians and pre-professional training settings."
Review by: Ken Bleile, Professor, University of Northern Iowa
"A much needed and excellent addition to the intervention literature on speech sound disorders . . . will likely be a standard text in the field for many years to come."
Review by: Judith A. Gierut, Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Cognitive Science, Adjunct Professor of Linguistics, Indiana University-Bloomington
"A valuable resource for students because of its scope and straightforward discussion of different interventions. Clinicians will find it a useful reference, particularly in the implementation of evidence-based practice."
Review by: Julie J. Masterson, Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Missouri State University
"A gift to our field! Both clinicians and academics will find it very useful . . . It will be at the top of the reading list for my courses in sound system disorders."
Review by: Karen E. Pollock, University of Alberta
"An outstanding collection of approaches . . . a perfect blend of practical and theoretical information. I can't wait to use this book with my students!"

Table of Contents

Series Preface
Editorial Advisory Board
About the Editors
Foreword by Marc E. Fey
  1. Introduction to Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children
    A. Lynn Williams, Sharynne McLeod, & Rebecca J. McCauley

I: Direct Speech Production Interventions
A. Lynn Williams, Sharynne McLeod, & Rebecca J. McCauley

  1. Minimal Pair Intervention (DVD)
    Elise Baker

  2. Multiple Oppositions Intervention (DVD)
    A. Lynn Williams
Appendix 3A: Example of a Multiple Oppositions Data Sheet
  1. Complexity Approaches to Intervention (DVD)
    Elise Baker & A. Lynn Williams

  2. Core Vocabulary Intervention (DVD)
    Barbara Dodd, Alison Holm, Sharon Crosbie, & Beth McIntosh

  3. The Cycles Phonological Remediation Approach
    Ral F. Prezas & Barbara Williams Hodson

  4. Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme (DVD)
    Pam Williams & Hilary Stephens

  5. Stimulability Treatment
    Adele W. Miccio & Al Lynn Williams
Appendix 8A: Stimulability Probe
Appendix 8B: Palindrome Generalization Probe

II: Speech Interventions in Broader Contexts
Sharynne McLeod, Rebecca J. McCauley, & A. Lynn Williams

  1. Psycholinguistic Intervention (DVD)
    Joy Stackhouse & Michelle Pascoe

  2. Metaphonological Intervention: Phonological Awareness Therapy (DVD)
    Anne Hesketh

  3. Computer-Based Interventions (DVD)
    Yvonne Wren, Sue Roulstone, & A. Lynn Williams

  4. Speech Perception Intervention (DVD)
    Susan Rvachew & Franoise Brosseau-Lapr

  5. Nonlinear Phonological Intervention (DVD)
    B. May Bernhardt, Karen D. Bopp, Bonnie Daudlin, Susan M. Edwards, & Susan E. Wastie

  6. Dynamic Systems and Whole Language Intervention
    Paul R. Hoffman & Janet A. Norris

  7. Morphosyntax Intervention (DVD)
    Ann A. Tyler & Allison M. Haskill
Appendix 15A. Morphosyntax Session Planning Worksheet
Appendix 15B. Example Language Sample Script
  1. Naturalistic Intervention for Speech Intelligibility and Speech Accuracy (DVD)
    Stephen M. Camarata

  2. Parents and Children Together (PACT) Intervention
    Caroline Bowen

  3. Enhanced Milieu Teaching with Phonological Emphasis for Children with Cleft Lip and Palate (DVD)
    Nancy J. Scherer & Ann P. Kaiser
Appendix 18B. Sample Consonant Inventory
Appendix 18A. Sample Analysis Sheet
  1. PROMPT: A Tactually Grounded Model
    Deborah A. Hayden, Jennifer Eigen, Anne Walker, & Lisa Olsen

  2. Family-Friendly Intervention
    Nicole Watts Pappas

III: Interventions for Achieving Speech Movements
Rebecca J. McCauley, Sharynne McLeod, & A. Lynn Williams

  1. Visual Feedback Therapy with Electropalatography
    Fiona E. Gibbon & Sara E. Wood
Appendix 21A. CLEFTNET Speech Word List
  1. Vowel Intervention (DVD)
    B. May Bernhardt, Joseph P. Stemberger, & Penelope Bacsfalvi

  2. Developmental Dysarthia Intervention (DVD)
    Megan M. Hodge

  3. Nonspeech Oral Motor Exercise (DVD)
    Heather M. Clark

  4. Interventions for Children with Speech Sound Disorders: Future Directions
    Rebecca J. McCauley, A. Lynn Williams, & Sharynne McLeod

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