Job Success for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

David B. Wiegan

Format: Paperback/softback, 160 pages, 8.94in x 6.14in / 227mm x 156mm
ISBN: 9781843109228
Price: $39.95

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In the United States alone, there are roughly three million individuals living with a developmental disability, but less than a third are active in the labor market. This book provides a comprehensive approach to developing a successful jobs program for persons with developmental disabilities, drawn from the author's extensive experience and real success.

The majority of persons with developmental disabilities are unemployed, underemployed, or still work in sheltered programs where it is almost impossible to reach their full potential. Job success is possible, but it requires a system based on a business model based on proven economics, rather than the traditional social services model. By employing a step-by-step procedure for gaining insight into the client, analyzing market opportunities, matching the client to a job, and supporting the client after placement, service providers can help individuals make a successful transition into good community-based employment.

Job Success for Persons with Developmental Disabilities will be essential reading for profit and non-profit rehabilitation service organizations, private job development businesses, government funding agencies, special education job placement programs, transition specialists, and families of persons with developmental disabilities.


'The book is well structured and written in a clear style... The practical tone fo the book clearly reflects Wiegan's many years experience in the field of supporting and progressing individuals with developmental disabilities. There are some sections of the book that are useful as a refresher for experienced Occupational Psychologists and as useful background for new Occupational Psychologists.'
—Journal of Occupational Psychology, Employment and Disability

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