Learning to Listen: Positive Approaches and People with Difficult Behavior

Author: Herbert Lovett Ph.D.; Foreword Author: Nancy R. Thaler

Format: Paperback, 288 pages, 6.0 x 9.0
ISBN: 9781557661647
Price: $37.95

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This nontechnical and absorbing text describes how the interactive process of "learning to listen" provides practical alternatives to overly controlling behavior modification techniques. Written for support and other service providers working with people with intellectual disabilities, this book includes compelling and detailed case studies that illustrate possible positive approaches and reveal how people with disabilities can take control of their lives.


Review: Disability Resources Monthly
"Common-sense solutions to behavioral difficulties."
Review: Journal of Vocational Special Needs Education
"A must-read for anyone who provides services for persons with disabilities."
Review: Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling
"Lovett invites practitioners to enter into the same relationship with consumers that most of us treasure with our peers; ongoing, with mutual affection and regard."

Table of Contents

Foreword, by Nancy R. Thaler
  1. Learning to Listen

  2. The Politics of Labeling Behavior

  3. The Policies of Behaviorism

  4. The Hierarchy of Control

  5. People Who Hurt Themselves

  6. Choices and Challenges

References: Literature Cited
Appendix A: The Expositor; or Many Mysteries Unraveled
Appendix B: Handicap Consciousness

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