MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories: User's Guide and Technical Manual, Second Edition

Authors: Larry Fenson Ph.D., Virginia A. Marchman Ph.D., Donna J. Thal Ph.D., Philip S. Dale Ph.D., J. Steven Reznick Ph.D., Elizabeth Bates Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 208 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781557668844
Price: $59.95

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MacArthur-Bates CDI at-a-glance


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This easy-to-read manual provides professionals with a thorough introduction to the standardized, parent-completed report forms designed by top language researchers to assess language and communication skills in young children ages 8-30 months. The second edition of the English Users Guide and Technical Manual includes:

  • more demographically balanced normative data
  • norms up to 17-18 months for the CDI: Words & Gestures
  • more directions on administrating and scoring the CDIs
  • an introduction to the automated CDI Scoring Program
  • guidance on how scores for various subpopulations should be interpreted
  • expanded information on machine scanning and a new option using desktop scanners
  • key updates on research, clinical findings, and reliability and validity
  • detailed information and normative values for the CDI-III, an extension for children 30-37 months of age

This manual is part of the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDIs). The CDIs and their Spanish adaptation, the Inventarios, are standardized, parent-completed report forms that track young children's language and communication skills. Top language researchers developed the report forms, designing them to focus on current behaviors and salient emergent behaviors that parents can recognize and track.

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Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
The CDI Advisory Board
About the Authors
  1. Introduction
    • Overview
    • Organization of this Manual
    • Methods of Assessing Early Language Skills
      • Structured Tests
      • Language Samples
      • Parent Report
    • Description of the Inventories
      • CDI: Words and Gestures
      • CDI: Words and Sentences
      • Guidelines for Choosing Between the CDI: Words and Gestures and the CDI: Words and Sentences Forms in the 16- to 18-Month Age Range
    • The MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory Short Forms
  1. Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation
    • Administering the Inventories
      • General Instructions
      • Other Administration Considerations
    • Scoring and Interpreting the Inventories
      • Scoring Examples
      • Automating the Scoring Process
      • Using the Norms
      • Obtaining and Interpreting Children's Scores
  1. Clinical and Research Applications
    • Clinical Applications of the Inventories
      • Screening for Language Delay
      • Evaluation of Older Children with Language Delay
      • Formulation of Intervention Strategies
      • Evaluation of Intervention Effects
    • Research Applications
      • Screening and Preselection of Children at Different Levels of Language Development
      • Screening and Preselection of Children with Particular Language Characteristicsor Those with Unusual Profiles
      • Matching Children on Language Skills
      • Examination of the Influence of Other Variables on Language Development
    • Non-English Versions of the Inventories
  1. Phases of the Development of the Inventories
    • Origins of the Instruments
      • A Preliminary Norming Study
      • Development of the CDI: Words and Gestures Form
      • Development of the CDI: Words and Sentences Form
      • Changes Reflected on Both Forms
    • The Norming Study
      • Sampling Procedure
      • Medical Exclusion Criteria
      • Demographic Distribution of the Sample
    • Developmental Trends in Communicative Skills
      • Statistical Methods
      • Developmental Trends in Communicative Development Specific to the CDI: Words and Gestures Form
      • Developmental Trends in Communicative Development Specific to theCDI: Words and Sentences Form <
    • Impact of Demographic Factors on Language Outcomes
      • Maternal Education
      • Birth Order
    • Relations Among the Inventory Subscales
      • Intercorrelations Among the Components of the CDI: Words and Gestures
      • Intercorrelations Among the Components of the CDI: Words and Sentences
    • Reliability of the Inventories
      • Internal Consistency
      • Test-Retest Reliability
    • Validity of the Inventories
      • Face Validity
      • Content Validity
      • Convergent Validity
      • Concurrent Validity
      • Predictive Validity
    • Looking Ahead
  1. Percentile Tables and Figures
  2. The MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory-III
    • Components of the CDI-III
      • Vocabulary Checklist
      • Sentences
      • Using Language
    • The Norming Study
    • Developmental Trends, Norms, and Sex Differences
    • Validity of the CDI-III
    • Research Findings with the CDI-III
    • Conclusions



  1. Basic Information Form Used in Original Normative Study
  2. Expanded Basic Information Form
  3. Child Report Forms


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