MacArthur-Bates Inventarios Del Desarrollo de Habilidades Comunicativas: User's Guide and Technical Manual

Authors: Donna Jackson-Maldonado Ph.D., Donna J. Thal Ph.D., Larry Fenson Ph.D., Virginia A. Marchman Ph.D., Tyler Newton M.A., Barbara T. Conboy Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 200 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781557666178
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MacArthur-Bates CDI at-a-glance


This easy-to-read manual provides professionals with a thorough introduction to the Inventarios, the Spanish adaptation of the MacArthur Communicative Development Inventories (CDIs), standardized, parent-completed report forms designed by top language researchers to assess language and communication skills in young children ages 8–30 months. Along with an extensive overview of the two Inventario forms—Primeras Palabras y Gestos and Palabras y Enunciados—the manual includes

  • detailed guidelines on using the forms, including information on administration, scoring, interpreting a child's score, and using the norms with with older children, second-language learners, and children from families of low socioeconomic status
  • clinical applications, such as screening for language delay, creating intervention strategies, and evaluating treatment effects
  • research applications, such as matching children on language skills and examining the influence of other variables on language development
  • technical data, including complete information on the development of the Inventarios, the norming data supporting them (including percentile tables and figures), and validity and reliability of the forms

With this comprehensive guide, speech-language pathologists, child development specialists, and other professionals who work with young children and their families will use the Inventarios with confidence.

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Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
The CDI Advisory Board
About the Authors
  1. Introduction
    • Overview
      • Organization of This Manual
    • Methods of Assessing Early Language Skills in Spanish-Speaking Children
      • Structured Tests
      • Language Samples
      • Parent Report
    • Scope and Description of the Inventarios
      • Primeras Palabras y Gestos (Inventario I)
      • Palabras y Enunciados (Inventario II)
  1. Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation
    • Administering the Inventarios
      • General Instructions
      • Other Administration Considerations
    • Scoring the Inventarios
      • Automating the Scoring Process
      • Choosing a Scoring Option
    • Using the Norms
      • Interpreting a Child's Score
      • Interpreting Inventario I
      • Interpreting Inventario II
      • Using the Norms with Children from Families of Low Socioeconomic Status
      • Using the Norms with Children Who Are Learning More than One Language
      • Using the Norms for the Evaluation of Older Children
  1. Clinical and Research Applications
    • Clinical Applications
      • Screening for Language Delay
      • Evaluation of Older Children with Language Delay
      • Formulation of Intervention Strategies
      • Evaluation of Intervention Effects
      • Research Applications
    • Screening and Preselection of Children at Different Levels of Language Development
    • Screening and Preselection of Children with Particular Language
    Characteristics or Children with Unusual Profiles
    • Matching Children on Language Skills
    • Examination of the Influence of Other Variables on Language Development
  1. Technical Information
    • Phases of Development of the Inventarios
      • Origins of the Instruments
      • Early Development of the Inventarios
      • Development of the Present Instruments
    • The Norming Study
      • Data Collection
      • Sampling Procedure
      • Medical Exclusion Criteria
      • Demographic Distribution of the Sample
    • Developmental Trends in Communicative Development
      • Statistical Methods
      • Inventario I Components
      • Inventario II Components
    • Impact of Demographic Factors on Language Outcomes
      • Maternal Education
      • Birth Order
    • Relations Among the Subscales of the Inventarios
    • Reliability of the Inventarios
      • Internal Consistency
      • Test–Retest Reliability
    • Validity of the Inventarios
      • Face Validity
      • Content Validity
      • Convergent Validity
      • Concurrent Validity
      • Predictive Validity
    • Conclusions
  1. Percentile Tables and Figures for the Inventarios



  1. Basic Information Form/Forma de Información Básica
  2. General Instructions/Instrucciones Generales
  3. Further Instructions and Examples
  4. Scoring Examples for Inventario I
  5. Scoring Examples for Inventario II and Scoring Guidelines for M3L-Palabras [*M3L-Words]
  6. Description of Complejidad de Frases [Complexity]
  7. Child Report Forms/Informes del Niño/a


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