Next STEPS in Literacy Instruction: Connecting Assessments to Effective Interventions

Authors: Susan M. Smartt Ph.D., Deborah R. Glaser

Format: Layflat, 256 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598570960
Price: $42.95

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What happens after a formative literacy assessment like DIBELS, TPRI, FAIR, or AIMSweb? How can educators translate the results into targeted interventions and improved reading outcomes? This reader-friendly teaching guide makes the next steps of literacy instruction clear and easy for K6 educators. Developed by highly respected experts Smartt and Glaser, this book gives readers a specific breakdown of the indicators on today's most popular reading assessments and matches those items with interventions that make a real difference.

Next STEPS is everything educators want:

  • designed for use with response to intervention—gives explicit instructions on designing Tier II and Tier III small-group instruction and monitoring student progress
  • extensively field tested during the nationwide trainings the authors have conducted
  • organized by the "big five" ideas identified by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension
  • packed with practice activities directly linked to each big idea
  • shows teachers how to integrate all five big ideas during instruction, so lessons are well-rounded and comprehensive
  • based on the latest, most reliable research and best practices
  • shows educators both how to teach and what to teach to make students better readers

All of the suggested interventions are quick and creative, get real results with minimal planning, use materials most teachers already have, and effectively target the specific "trouble spots" that literacy assessments have identified. And with the classroom vignettes and sample teacher-student dialogues, educators will have adaptable models for their own classroom interactions.

A must for every education professional who wants to do more with the valuable information they get from literacy assessments, this guidebook takes the guesswork out of intervention and helps transform struggling students into skillful readers.


Review: The Midwest Book Review - California Bookwatch
"A powerful gathering recommended for any educator's library"
Review by: Diane Haager, Professor, Division of Special Education and Counseling, California State University, Los Angeles
"This book includes practical tools and activities that have a strong research base. Teachers will find valuable resources and activities to help them connect their assessment data with the most effective teaching strategies."
Review by: Sharon Vaughn, H.E. Hartfelder/Southland Corp Regents Chair and Executive Director, Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, University of Texas
"Lives up to its title and provides the reader with the &#39next steps&#39 needed to provide effective literacy instruction to students who require differentiated instruction."
Review by: Jan Hasbrouck, Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates, Wellesley, MA
"Very practical . . . Every school seeking answers to how to help every student become a successful reader will find this book to be a valuable resource."
Review by: Jenny Fisk, K-12 Elementary Education & Reading Specialist
"A variety of critical tools needed to perform reliable assessments and plan differentiated small group instruction based on the data collected . . . I highly recommend this book as a wonderful resource and 'tool kit' every classroom should be equipped with."
Review by: Virginia W. Berninger, Professor of Educational Psychology, Director of University of Washington Brain Education and Technology--Education Site, and Coordinator, Research Area on Learning Disabilities, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Rese
"An excellent example for redirecting attention to the &#39intervention&#39 in Response to Intervention."
Review by: Judith R. Birsh, Editor of Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills
"A cogent, in-depth guide for teaching not only the major components of reading but also their essential connections for real world classroom instruction grounded in rigorous assessment of students&#39 progress."
Review by: Nancy Mather, University of Arizona
"This timely resource fills the gap between assessment and reading interventions; it's filled with essential information for all reading and elementary teachers."
Review by: R. Malatesha Joshi, Professor of Literacy, ESL, and Educational Psychology; Editor, Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas
"An excellent resource . . . Teachers will find this book very valuable in helping children become better readers."
Review by: Rollanda E. O'Connor, University of California in Riverside
"Describes a range of measures for capturing what students know and can do, and a range of activities for what to do when students do not progress as well as expected."

Table of Contents

About the Authors

I. Introduction

  1. Introduction to Next STEPS

II. Steps to Reading Success

  1. Teaching Struggling Readers to Read
  2. Phoneme Awareness
  3. Phonics
  4. Fluency
  5. Comprehension
  6. Vocabulary

III. Weaving It All Together

  1. Weaving Elements Together for a Lifetime of Reading

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