Number Sense Screener, Research Edition: Set, K-1

Authors: Nancy C. Jordan Ed.D., Joseph J. Glutting Ph.D.

Format: Multiple formats, 140 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598572261
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Number sense is a key indicator of future math success. Now there's a quick, reliable, and affordable way to screen early numerical competencies in Grades K–1 and identify students at risk for later math struggles.

Developed by Nancy Jordan—a leading expert on children's math difficulties—and quantitative psychologist Joseph Glutting, the research-based NSS™ screens children on six key competencies related to number sense. Easy to complete in just 15 to 20 minutes per child with no training required, NSS gives educators and school psychologists the information they need to

  • Catch at-risk students early. NSS pinpoints young children who may be at risk for learning difficulties in math, beforetheir struggles with math intensify.
  • Predict later achievement. NSS predicts mathematic achievement through at least third grade, so it's easy to see where young learners need additional support to avoid falling behind.
  • Start planning effective interventions. Results of NSS give educators clear information they can use to target their math interventions and meet each student's learning needs.
  • Monitor progress. NSS can be conducted several times in kindergarten and in the beginning of first grade, so educators can track students' progress and identify areas in which students need more support.
  • Meet national and state standards. The areas assessed on the NSS are aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Kindergarten and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards and Focal Points.

The complete NSS includes a User's Guide with clear and specific instructions, a Stimulus Book with all the visual stimuli needed to administer the items, an explicit Quick Script users can follow for accurate administration, and a pack of 25 Record Sheets to record student responses.

Screen six key numerical competencies:

  • Counting
  • Number Recognition
  • Number Comparison
  • Nonverbal Calculation
  • Story Problems
  • Number Combinations

View the recorded webinar: Catching Math Struggles Early with the Number Sense Screener ™ presented by Nancy Jordan.

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Review by: Daniel Berch, University of Virginia
"Although many intervention programs and assessment tools profess to be research-based, the Number Sense Screener (NSS) unquestionably meets the strictest standards for making such a claim. An unparalleled tool for use by classroom teachers, learning specialists, and school psychologists."
Review by: Sally Moomaw, University of Cincinnati
"In addition to supplying a numerical score for areas related to number sense, the screener allows the assessor to document the strategies children use for addition and subtraction. This is of particular interest to teachers, who can apply this information to their classroom instruction."
Review by: Nancy Krasa, co-author, Number Sense and Number Nonsense: Understanding the Challenges of Learning Math
"An indispensable, teacher-friendly tool for ensuring that all students shoot out of the starting gate when they get to first-grade math."
Review by: Herbert Ginsburg, Teachers College Columbia University
"Draws upon [Nancy Jordan's pioneering] research to produce a valuable measure that can be used to identify children in need of help and to plan sound interventions for them."
Review by: David Geary, University of Missouri
"A much needed, scientifically grounded instrument for the assessment of early numerical abilities. The test represents a significant and welcomed advance in our ability to identify early risk for long-term difficulties in learning mathematics."

Table of Contents

About the Authors

  1. Introduction to the Number Sense Screener
  2. Administration and Scoring Procedures
  3. Interpreting and Using the Number Sense Screener
  4. Reliability and Validity of the Number Sense Screener


  1. Instructions for Making the Nonverbal Calculation Materials
  2. Story Problems and Number Combinations Worksheet
  3. Number List Worksheet
  4. Converting Raw Scores to Standard Scores and Percentile Ranks


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