One Child, Two Languages in Action: A Professional Development DVD

Author: The Late Patton O. Tabors Ed.D.; With Authors: Mariela Paez Ed.D., M.Ed., Cornelia Heise-Baigorria Ed.D

Format: DVD, 5.3 x 7.5
ISBN: 9781557669759
Price: $149.95

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Support second language learners and put them on the path to school success: that's what every early childhood educator will learn to do with this DVD companion to the bestselling One Child, Two Languages. A rare chance to learn directly from Patton Tabors—one of today's most respected experts on early childhood education and second language acquisition—this DVD is the accessible training tool teachers need to work successfully with the growing number of children learning English as a second language in their classrooms.

Preservice and inservice early childhood educators will get a front-row seat at an engaging, highly informative presentation by Dr. Tabors and fellow language development experts Mariela M. Pez and Cornelia Heise-Baigorria. Viewers will learn from the tips and anecdotes of fellow teachers attending the presentation, and they'll go inside real classrooms for vivid demonstrations of the suggested strategies. Teachers will come away knowing how to

  • collect information from parents about children's home language skills
  • communicate effectively with second language learners using strategies such as repetition and word/gesture combinations
  • support second language learning during every part of the classroom routine, including book reading, circle time, snack time, and outdoor games
  • choose activities that foster the primary language and literacy skills children need
  • organize the physical classroom environment to minimize stress and facilitate learning
  • honor and include children's home language so skills are built upon, not replaced
  • answer parents' questions and encourage their participation during classroom visits
  • use assessment tools* to evaluate first and second language development and measure children's progress

Ideal for in-service professional development and college or university courses, this invaluable DVD will help early childhood educators understand the complex process of second language development and ensure better social and academic outcomes for English language learners.

The Bilingual Early Language Assessment featured in the DVD can be accessed here.

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