Passport to Friendship: Facilitating Peer Play for Children with ASD

Developers: Hilary Baldi, Deanne Detmers; Producer: David Donnenfield

Format: DVD, 5.3 x 7.5
ISBN: 9781598571073
Price: $49.95

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For young children with autism spectrum disorders, building friendships with typically developing peers can greatly enhance communication and social competence. Learn how to encourage these critical bonds with this practical, highly engaging DVD. Demonstrating easy-to-follow, step-by-step strategies for facilitating positive peer play among children ages 3-5, Passport to Friendship shows early childhood professionals and parents how to
  • break down desired skills into clear, achievable goals: persist in the play space, respond to peer, and indicate preferences to peers
  • create a familiar, friendly, and predictable play environment so interaction is not overwhelming
  • establish boundaries and limit diversions
  • use supports and adaptations such as choiceboards, turn-taking indicators, and play templates
  • engage children with creative sensory motor games, turn-taking games, and pretend play

Strategies come to life with clips of children at play, candid interviews with parents, and expert commentary from Hilary Baldi of Behavioral Intervention Association. And the downloadable PDFs give viewers great ideas for games and activities they can use right away.

An essential, eye-opening resource for every early childhood professional in an inclusive classroom, this upbeat DVD is also a must for sharing with parents, who can use the simple tips and strategies to set up their own successful playdates at home. With this passport to friendship, professionals and parents will support children with ASD as they discover the joys of relationships and develop social and communication skills they'll use for the rest of their lives.


Review: Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

"Provides some great ideas for increasing social skills and joint attention in children with ASD who are functioning on the higher end of the autism spectrum."

Review by: Sandy Furia, SLP; Co-author, T.A.S.C.: Tools for Achieving Social Confidence
"An excellent training video for both parents and professionals. . . it clearly defines the complexity of social interaction and teaches those working with children how to develop specific measurable goals in order to improve play skills of the participants. . . I highly recommend any individual working with children on the spectrum watch this video."

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