Picture Inclusion!: Snapshots of Successful Diverse Classrooms

Authors: Whitney H. Rapp Ph.D., Katrina L. Arndt Ph.D., Susan M. Hildenbrand Ed.D.

Format: Paperback, 336 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781681252933
Price: $42.95

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Picture one guidebook that gives you the fundamentals of inclusion, proven practices for teaching everyone, and dozens of student profiles and sample lesson plans. That's what you'll get in Picture Inclusion!, your ultimate theory-to-practice guide to teaching every learner in a diverse inclusive classroom.

You'll begin with a reader-friendly introduction to the why and how of inclusion in Grades K–5, including the theoretical foundations of inclusive education and general guidelines on key concepts: universal design for learning, response to intervention, alternate assessment, and more. Then you'll go inside three model classrooms—Grades 1, 3, and 5—for an in-depth look at how to support students with a wide range of learning needs. For each model classroom, you'll find

  • Snapshots of 20 diverse students and their teacher. Each snapshot introduces you to a student, clarifies their support needs and goals, and shares a sample support schedule and concrete strategies for helping the student reach their goals.
  • Eight sample lesson plans for teaching core academic areas (ELA, math, science, and social studies) and specials (art, physical education, music, and technology). Each plan gives you learning objectives, preparation steps, sample scripts, and step-by-step teaching guidelines.
  • Dozens of specific inclusive practices, adaptable for any classroom, to support individual students and groups. (Also available in the appendix as a convenient Inclusive Practices Bank!)

Brimming with the practical tools and wisdom you need to create lessons that support every learner, this hands-on, how-to resource will help you move inclusion from a lofty ideal to an everyday reality.

  • 60 student snapshots
  • 24 sample lesson plans
  • Dozens of adaptable inclusive practices
  • Extensive list of resources for inclusion


Review by: Elizabeth Keefe, Professor Emerita at University of New Mexico
“Finally, a resource for educators and families that provides whole class examples and useful resources for inclusive education across all content areas in elementary schools. A much-needed support for anyone who believes all students belong!”
Review by: Patti Ralabate, author and UDL implementation specialist
“Using an authentic student and classroom perspective, Picture Inclusion! maintains high expectations for all learners and offers actual models and examples that educators can immediately apply. Anyone interested in creating an inclusive learning environment will find plenty of practical ideas and resources.”
Review by: Nicole Eredics, author of Inclusion in Action: Practical Strategies to Modify Your Curriculum
“This comprehensive resource is a must-have for educators looking to effectively teach in today's inclusive classrooms!”
Review by: Kathie Snow, author, Disability is Natural: Revolutionary Common Sense for Raising Successful Children with Disabilities
“Picture Inclusion! can generate giant steps toward inclusive classrooms for all. The ‘snapshots’ are incredibly helpful and the downloads offered provide powerful tools. With great caring, the authors gently debunk long-held myths and clearly demonstrate how and why inclusive education benefits not only students, but teachers, too. And who doesn't want to be a better teacher?”
Review by: Belva Collins, Professor Emeritus at University of North Carolina at Charlotte
“The authors of this book provide valuable information on how to include every single student (without or without a disability) in an inclusive classroom environment. This book is a true treasure for teachers who want to be inclusive but do not know how. Included are realistic examples of diverse classrooms with templates on how to identify supports for all students, provide flexible grouping, and write standards-based lesson with differentiated instruction across the curriculum.”
Review by: Cheryl Jorgensen, inclusive education consultant & author of Its More Than Just Being In: Creating Authentic Inclusion for Students with Complex Support Needs
“Will undoubtedly provide readers with a clear picture of what authentic inclusion looks like. I'll be recommending this book to all the schools with whom I work!”

Table of Contents

About the Downloads
About the Authors

Chapter 1: Inclusion: From Theory to Practice
  • Theoretical Foundations of Inclusive Practice
    • Models of Disability
    • The Least Dangerous Assumption
    • The Importance of Presuming Competence
    • Full Citizenship
  • Classroom Application of Inclusive Practice
    • Universal Design for Learning
    • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Response to Intervention
    • Embedded Instruction
    • Clustering
  • Addressing the Whole Student: Academic, Social, and Comfort Needs
  • Intersection of Expectations and Supports
  • Portraits of Inclusion: Three Diverse Classrooms
Chapter 2: Ms. Jackson's First-Grade Class
  • Student Profiles and Summary of Inclusive Supports
    • Avery's Snapshot
    • Bridget's Snapshot
    • Charlie's Snapshot
    • Devin's Snapshot
    • Evan's Snapshot
    • Francis's Snapshot
    • Greg's Snapshot
    • Haley's Snapshot
    • Isaiah's Snapshot
    • Jack's Snapshot
    • Kody's Snapshot
    • Leela's Snapshot
    • Megan's Snapshot
    • Natalie's Snapshot
    • Oscar's Snapshot
    • Padma's Snapshot
    • Quinn's Snapshot
    • Rebecca's Snapshot
    • Steven's Snapshot
    • Taylor's Snapshot
  • Supplemental Documentation
  • First Grade Weekly Schedule
  • Lesson Plans
    • First-Grade Lesson: English Language Arts
    • First-Grade Lesson: Mathematics
    • First-Grade Lesson: Science
    • First-Grade Lesson: Social Studies
    • First-Grade Lesson: Art
    • First-Grade Lesson: Physical Education
    • First-Grade Lesson: Music
    • First-Grade Lesson: Technology
Chapter 3: Mr. Albert's Third-Grade Class
  • Student Profiles and Summary of Inclusive Supports
    • Antoine's Snapshot
    • Bobby's Snapshot
    • Chelsea's Snapshot
    • Deirdre's Snapshot
    • Ethan's Snapshot
    • Fabian's Snapshot
    • Gabrielle's Snapshot
    • Heaven's Snapshot
    • Ian's Snapshot
    • Justice's Snapshot
    • Kacey's Snapshot
    • Latoya's Snapshot
    • Maddox's Snapshot
    • Nathaniel's Snapshot
    • Odette's Snapshot
    • Paige's Snapshot
    • Randolph's Snapshot
    • Sebastian's Snapshot
    • Tabitha's Snapshot
    • Victoria's Snapshot
  • Supplemental Documentation
  • Third-Grade Weekly Schedule
  • Lesson Plans
    • Third-Grade Lesson: English Language Arts
    • Third-Grade Lesson: Mathematics
    • Third-Grade Lesson: Science
    • Third-Grade Lesson: Social Studies
    • Third-Grade Lesson: Art
    • Third-Grade Lesson: Physical Education
    • Third-Grade Lesson: Music
    • Third-Grade Lesson: Technology
Chapter 4: Ms. Lee's Fifth-Grade Class
  • Student Profiles and Summary of Inclusive Supports
    • Alison's Snapshot
    • Brian's Snapshot
    • Chloe's Snapshot
    • David's Snapshot
    • Ellie's Snapshot
    • Fred's Snapshot
    • Grace's Snapshot
    • Harry's Snapshot
    • Iris's Snapshot
    • John's Snapshot
    • Kiana's Snapshot
    • Lucy's Snapshot
    • Mercedes' Snapshot
    • Nigel's Snapshot
    • Oliver's Snapshot
    • Paulette's Snapshot
    • Quentin's Snapshot
    • Samson's Snapshot
    • Tyler's Snapshot
    • Vivian's Snapshot
  • Supplemental Documentation
  • Fifth Grade Weekly Schedule
  • Lesson Plans
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: English Language Arts
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: Mathematics
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: Science
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: Social Studies
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: Art
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: Physical Education
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: Music
    • Fifth-Grade Lesson: Technology
Chapter 5: Revisiting Inclusive Practice
  • Elements of Inclusive Practice
    • Manageable Class Size
    • Manageable, Shared Transitions
    • Instruction from Highly/Specially Trained Professionals
    • Assistance from Paraprofessionals
    • Family Collaboration
  • Revisiting Theoretical Foundations
    • Revisiting the Social Model of Disability
    • Revisiting the Least Dangerous Assumption and Presumption of Competence
    • What Full Citizenship Means
  • Revisiting Classroom Applications
    • Universal Design for Learning
    • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Response to Intervention
    • Embedded Instruction
    • Clustering
    • Final Thoughts
Appendix A: Inclusive Practices Bank
Appendix B: Resources for Inclusion

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