Read, Play, and Learn! Collection 1: Storybook Activities for Young Children

Author: Toni W. Linder Ed.D.

Format: Multimedia set, 640 pages, 10.0 x 12.5
Package of: 8
ISBN: 9781557664013
Price: $99.00

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This Module Collection for the Read Play Learn!® curriculum is a handy boxed set of instructive modules that are linked to popular children's storybooks. Collection 1 contains Modules 1–8 with ideas and activities thematically linked to the Fall semester. One module is linked to each of these eight popular stories:

  • The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn
  • Somebody and the Three Blairs, by Marilyn Tolhurst
  • Picking Apples & Pumpkins, by Amy and Richard Hutchings
  • The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, by Linda Williams
  • The Knight and The Dragon, by Tomie dePaola
  • Abiyoyo, by Pete Seeger
  • Night Tree, by Eve Bunting
  • The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats

Each individually bound module (also sold separately) offers 2 weeks (or 10 days) worth of activities and contains the following sections:

  1. The Story: A brief summary of the storybook, with information on where to get the book.
  2. The Planning Sheets: Charts for at-a-glance reference to all of the suggested activities for the 2 weeks.
  3. Vocabulary: A list of the key words and concepts, including labels, action words, and descriptors, to which children can be introduced in the module.
  4. Materials: A list of the toys and equipment, supplies, food, and other items needed for the module.
  5. Areas/Centers: A description of 10 days of different activities for each area or center in the classroom, plus suggested modifications for children functioning at the sensorimotor, functional, and symbolic levels of learning.
  6. How to Involve Families: Sample letters with recommendations to help keep family members or other caregivers informed.
  7. More Suggestions: Additional storybooks and other activities (e.g., songs, fingerplays, resources, computer games) that can be used with the module.

Modules can be used in the sequence they appear in or in any other order that suits the time of year, your geographic location and climate, or the interests of your learners, or your own needs. All modules contain suggestions for alternative storybooks.

The storybooks themselves are not included with this collection or the individual modules.

This collection is part of Read, Play, and Learn!, an innovative, play-based curriculum for children 3–6 years of age that promotes general development and boosts cognitive, sensorimotor, communication/language, social, and emerging literacy skills.

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