Read, Play, and Learn! Teacher's Guide and Collections 1 & 2 Set

Author: Toni W. Linder Ed.D.

Format: Multimedia set, 1536 pages, 10.0 x 12.5
ISBN: 9781557664778
Price: $229.00

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Read, Play, and Learn!® is an innovative, play-based curriculum for children 3–6 years of age that promotes general development and boosts cognitive, sensorimotor, communication/language, social, and emerging literacy skills. With a school year's worth of ready-to-use lessons built around popular storybooks, this curriculum is a perfect fit for any early childhood program that emphasizes a developmental approach to learning.

This Read, Play, Learn! set includes two boxed collections of storybook modules (Modules 1–8 in Collection 1 and Modules 9–16 in Collection 2) and a helpful Teacher's Guide. Each of the 16 modules contains 10 days' worth of flexible, sequenced activities that were developed around popular, high-quality storybooks such as The Kissing Hand, The Snowy Day, and The Knight and the Dragon. The modules contain a brief summary of the storybook; planning sheets; a list of materials needed for the activities; a list of key words and concepts; ideas for modifying the activities for children of varying ability levels; sample letters to help keep families informed of classroom activities; and an appendix of alternative storybooks, songs, fingerplays, and activities. All modules contain suggestions for alternative storybooks.

The Teacher's Guide provides guidance on how to encourage early learning and development by creating a literacy-rich environment for preschool and kindergarten children of all ability levels. The guide explains all the basics: how to arrange the classroom, organize the school day, teach children with varying levels of ability, and involve families in education. Best of all, the curriculum guide includes modifications so teachers can individualize instruction and capitalize on the unique strengths of every child. It offers background information on the importance of play and literature in early learning, provides an overview of developmental domains, and discusses what to expect at various levels of children's development.

The storybooks themselves are not included with this set or the individual modules.

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