Retarded Isn't Stupid, Mom! Revised Edition

Author: Sandra Z. Kaufman; Afterword Author: Robert B. Edgerton

Format: Paperback, 272 pages, 5.5 x 8.3
ISBN: 9781557663788
Price: $24.95

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Nicole is 2 years old, and her family, after months of worrying, has just learned she has mental retardation. In a fast-paced, engaging story, mother Sandra Kaufman frankly reveals the feelings of denial, guilt, frustration, and eventual acceptance that result in a determination to help her child live an independent life.

This edition, revised on the 10th anniversary of the book's original publication, adds a "progress report" that updates readers on Nicole's adult years and reflects on the revolutionary changes in society's attitudes toward people with disabilities since Nicole's birth.

Retarded Isn't Stupid, Mom! remains a celebration of all that a child can grow to be.


Review by: Josh Greenfeld, author of A Child Called Noah
"What a wonderfully honest and moving book. . . . I recommend this book not only to any mother or father of a retarded or disabled individual, but to anyone caught up in the never-ending tugs and demands of parenthood."
Review by: Marty Krauss
"This is a moving, direct account of a mother's and daughter's struggle for mutual independence. Nicole's retardation is obviously a center issue, but the trials of growing up, making mistakes, learning how to function in a complex world, and forging an identity independent of one's family are processes every adolescent faces."

Table of Contents

Prologue: Nicole at Two

  1. No! No! No!

  2. Is Mommy tired?

  3. Everyone is yelling at me!

  4. I am capable.

  5. Mom, I know I'm retarded, but I'm not stupid.

  6. Can't do nuthin' on the amount I make.

  7. I don't know if anyone loves me.

  8. Seems like I'm learning to live alone the hard way

  9. Do you know how I could prove I'm handicapped?

A Mother's Epilogue: 1988
Progress Report: 1998
An Afterword, by Robert B. Edgerton

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