Six Steps to Inclusive Preschool Curriculum: A UDL-Based Framework for Children's School Success

Authors: Eva M. Horn Ph.D., Susan B. Palmer Ph.D., Gretchen D. Butera Ph.D., Joan Lieber Ph.D.; Foreword Authors: Samuel L. Odom Ph.D., Marci J. Hanson Ph.D., Karen E. Diamond Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 256 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598577549
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How can inclusive early educators plan and deliver challenging instructions to help all young learners succeed in kindergarten? This guide has authoritative answers from some of today's most renowned names in early childhood education. Presenting the Children's School Success+ (CSS+) framework, for building a UDL-based plan for inclusive preschool instruction, this book is a powerful tool for using your existing curriculum to address each child's unique learning needs. Through practical, evidence-based strategies and guidelines, you'll discover how to equalize access to curriculum content while giving learners multiple ways to access and possess new knowledge. Keep this resource at your fingertips to guide your curriculum and instruction&#151so all young children have the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.


  • Identify a developmentally appropriate scope and sequence for your students' learning objectives
  • Ensure a coherent, engaging curriculum that continuously builds on the knowledge and skills your students acquire
  • Develop UDL-based activity plans that support every child's learning
  • Use differentiation and individualization strategies for students who need extra supports
  • Select and implement successful progress monitoring strategies
  • Improve your teaching through a continuous loop of planning, instruction, and monitoring
  • Work and play well with your colleagues
  • Engage in partnership with families to support their children's success

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: You'll get a wealth of downloadable online resources for implementing the framework, plus specific tips and strategies on addressing key topics such as behavior, classroom organization, and collaboration with families. You'll also see the framework in action, with recurring vignettes in diverse early childhood settings, including a public preschool, a Head Start classroom, and an early childhood special education classroom.

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Review by: Sandall Susan, Professor, University of Washington
“Horn and her colleagues provide a detailed framework to meet the needs of every child and to guide the planning and teaching of every teacher. They build on a strong foundation and incorporate research-informed teaching practices to help children engage with and master a challenging early childhood curriculum.”
Review by: Judith Carta, Senior Scientist and Professor, Institute for Life-Span Studies/Department of Special Education, University of Kansas
“This book is an indispensable roadmap for individuals seeking to provide an evidence-based approach for designing curriculum, ensuring that it meets the needs of all learners, and monitoring childrens progress.”
Review by: Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Professor, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Director, University of Kentucky Early Childhood Laboratory
“The book offers an approach that should be helpful to teachers working in inclusive preschool classrooms. The planning forms will be particularly useful to preschool teachers, as they consider how to follow the principles of UDL, differentiate instruction, and design embedded learning opportunities for young children.”
Review by: Sarika Gupta, Johns Hopkins University
“A valuable evidence-based resource that demystifies individualized planning and provides teachers with a step-by-step framework to ensure each and every childs success.”
Review by: Laurie Dinnebeil, University of Toledo; Editor, Journal of Early Intervention
“A wonderful, evidence-based resource that will help all early educators provide high-quality, inclusive learning environments for each and every child with whom they work.”

Table of Contents

About the Authors
About the Contributors
Foreword: Sam Odom, Karen Diamond, and Marci Hanson

I. Laying the Foundation

1. Introduction
Eva Horn, Susan Palmer, Gretchen Butera, and Joan Lieber
2. The CSS+ Curriculum Planning Framework
Eva Horn, Susan Palmer, Gretchen Butera, and Joan Lieber
3. Foundations of Components of Challenging Curriculum
Joan Lieber, Amber Friesen, Susan Palmer, Debra Drang, Alina Mihai, Jill Clay, and Potheini Vaiouli
Appendix 3A: Curriculum Content Checklist
4. Integration of Challenging Curriculum Content
Eva Horn, Joan Lieber, Gretchen Butera, Jean Kang, and Susan Palmer
Appendix 4A: Example Activity Set, Theme-All About Me
Appendix 4B: Small and Large Group Activity Plan Form
Appendix 4C: Literacy Activity Plan Form
5. Foundations of Universal Design for Learning
Eva Horn, Jean Kang, Audra Classen, and Susan Palmer
Appendix 5A: UDL Guiding Questions
6. Foundations of Differentiation and Individualization
Eva Horn, Jean Kang, Audra Classen, and Joan Lieber
Appendix 6A: Matrix Development Checklist
Appendix 6B: ELO Activity Matrix
Appendix 6C: ELO At-A-Glance Form
7. Components of Progress Monitoring
Susan Palmer, Gretchen Butera, Amber Friesen, and Jill Clay
Appendix 7A: Decision-Making Checklist for Class-wide Progress
Appendix 7B: Goal Attainment Scaling Form

II. Implementation: Key Elements for Supporting Childrens School Success

8. Organization of the Learning Environment
Joan Lieber, Eva Horn, Debra Dang, and Gretchen Butera
Appendix 8A: Example Activity Set, Theme-Lets Explore Our World
9. Addressing Challenging Behaviors
Susan Palmer, Gretchen Butera, Audra Classen, and Jean Kang
10. Adults Working and Playing Well Together
Gretchen Butera, Amber Friesen, Eva Horn, Susan Palmer, and Potheini Vaiouli
Appendix 10A: Collaboration Planning Form
Appendix 10B: Improvement and Action Planning Form
11. Connecting with Families to Support Childrens School Success
Gretchen Butera, Amber Friesen, Alina Mihai, Potheini Vaiouli, and Jill Clay
12. Summing it Up: The CSS+ Curriculum Framework
Gretchen Butera, Eva Horn, Susan Palmer, and Joan Lieber

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