Student Language Scale (SLS) Forms

Authors: Nickola Nelson Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Barbara Howes, Michele A. Anderson

Format: Gummed tablet, 2 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
Package of: 50
ISBN: 9781598579116
Price: $34.95

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SLS at-a-glance


For use with the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS), other assessments, or on its own, the TILLS Student Language Scale is a simple, cost-effective way to screen for language and literacy disorders, including dyslexia. This quick and easy 12-question screener is filled out by parents, teachers, and students to show each party's perspective on how the student is performing on academic tasks as compared to their same-age peers.

The SLS helps you:

  • Screen for language/literacy disorders such as dyslexia by gathering teachers' and parents' ratings of students. When teachers or parents rate more than two areas on items 1–8 less than 5, SLS results indicate the student is at risk and needs further assessment with TILLS. (Sensitivity and specificity are strong: sensitivity is 92% for teachers and 85% for parents, and specificity is 90% for teachers and 83% for parents.)
  • Gather input about a struggling student's strengths and needs from multiple sources—a key requirement of IDEA
  • Enhance home-school communication by gaining new insight into student performance, whether or not there are concerns

Sold in a pack of 50, the Student Language Scale (forms only) is also included in the TILLS Examiner's Kit. It can also be used as a standalone tool to gather valuable information about a student, or used with other assessments of student performance and potential.

To learn more about the SLS, watch this free webinar, How to Screen for Language/Literacy Disorders—Including Dyslexia—with the SLS

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