Supporting Students with Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Prevention and Intervention Strategies

Authors: Lee Kern, Michael P. George, Mark D. Weist; Foreword Authors: Timothy J. Lewis Ph.D., Susan Rodger

Format: Paperback, 304 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598578065
Price: $39.95

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Severe social, emotional, and behavioral challenges can be major obstacles to your students' academic success. Break down those barriers with the research-based interventions in this book, your guide to addressing serious problem behaviors in K-12 classrooms. Aligned with recommended practices for schoolwide positive behavior supports (SWPBS), this book presents a highly effective tiered approach that helps you develop school- and class-wide interventions and match behavior interventions to each student's needs. Developed by trusted PBS experts and packed with concrete strategies, this essential resource will prepare teachers to prevent and reduce severe behavior problems, improve students' social interactions, and increase academic engagement. A must for both preservice and in-service educators!


  • Improve the behavior of students with or without a specific diagnosis
  • Boost your behavior management skills and empower yourself to take action
  • Assess and improve your classroom environment, including physical setup, routines, and emotional climate
  • Prevent behavior problems by keeping students engaged and motivated during instruction
  • Directly teach social skills during your everyday classes and routines
  • Identify student mental health problems and select appropriate interventions
  • Determine when a student needs Tier 2 intervention or more intensive Tier 3 supports
  • Conduct functional behavioral assessments and use them to develop support plans
  • Select and use a behavioral management system to track your students' progress
PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Real-world strategies, case studies, forms, and reflection activities that can be used right away in the classroom and across various school settings.

Watch the webinar recording Strategies to Improve Behavior and Instruction in the Classroom


Review by: Katie Eklund, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
“Translates knowledge into practice in a way that teachers will benefit from tremendously Novice and seasoned educators alike will find valuable tools for responding effectively to problem behaviors.”
Review by: Sarup Mathur, Associate Professor, Arizona State University and Chair of Advocacy and Governmental Relationship, Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders
“Present[s] a practical guide for implementing a tiered approach to intervention in an insightful way. A must read for educators and administrators involved in teacher training and professional development.”
Review by: Robert Gable, Constance F. and Colgate Darden Professor of Special Education, Old Dominion University
“Given the depth and breadth of coverage and the easy reading nature of the book, it should be on the must read list of all beginning as well as experienced practitioners.”

Table of Contents

About the Forms
About the Authors
Foreword (Tim Lewis)
Foreword (Susan Rodge)

  1. School Behavior Problems and Models of Prevention and Intervention
  2. Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support
  3. Assessing the Classroom Environment
  4. Managing Classroom Behavior
  5. Effective Instructional Practices
  6. Promoting Student Social Skills
  7. Preparing for Intensive Intervention
  8. Conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment
  9. Developing an Assessment-Based Support Plan
  10. Measuring Behavior Change
  11. Enhancing Student Connectedness to School
  12. Interventions to Address Mental Health Needs


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