Read, Play, and Learn! Teacher's Guide

Author: Toni W. Linder Ed.D.

Format: Paperback, 256 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781557664006
Price: $45.00

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This detailed Teacher's Guide for the Read, Play, and Learn!® curriculum helps teachers and program directors in choosing materials, arranging their classrooms, using the curriculum to enhance children's skills, and identifying children's developmental levels so that appropriate modifications can be made. Key features include:

  • Discussion of research on emergent literacy with specific suggestions on how teachers can use the activities in Read, Play, and Learn! to support learning and skill acquisition in their students. There are also guidelines on creating a literacy-rich environment in the classroom and creating opportunities for reading and writing. An appendix contains a list of suggested materials for each stage of literacy development.
  • Descriptions of the three levels of learning—sensorimotor, functional, and symbolic—with guidelines on how teachers can identify a child's learning level and modify classroom activities to meet his or her individual needs. There are also suggestions on how teachers can use curriculum activities to encourage each child's cognitive, social-emotional, communication, and sensorimotor development, no matter their level of learning.
  • An entire chapter devoted to ways you can involve families in their children's education. Aside from specific examples of ways to foster family involvement, the chapter also contains photocopiable handouts teachers can give to parents that describe the curriculum and ways parents can support their children's learning.
  • Master planning sheets to help teachers plan activities for each center and learning area for an entire week.
  • List of resources on accommodations and curricula for early childhood classrooms.
  • Suggestions on how to get your classroom ready to use Read, Play, and Learn!, with descriptions of each of the centers and guidelines for arranging the classroom and planning a daily schedule.
  • List of materials recommended for each center and learning area.
  • Step-by-step instructions for teacher teams on planning and implementation of the curriculum.
  • Chapters on adapting the curriculum for students with visual or hearing impairments.

This Teacher's Guide is part of Read, Play, and Learn!, an innovative, play-based curriculum for children 3–6 years of age that promotes general development and boosts cognitive, sensorimotor, communication/language, social, and emerging literacy skills.

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Table of Contents

About the Author
Foreword: Teacher to Teacher: A Personal View of Read, Play, and Learn! by Regina "Patsy" Boughan
Making Learning Fun: A Glimpse at the Read, Play, and Learn! Curriculum

  1. What Is Read, Play, and Learn!?
  2. Read + Play = Learn
  3. Getting Your Classroom Ready
  4. Levels of Learning and Domains of Development
  5. When a Child in Your Classroom Has a Hearing Loss
    Ann D. Bruce
  6. When a Child in Your Classroom Has a Visual Impairment
    Tanni L. Anthony
  7. The Emergence of Literacy
    Malinda Etzler Jones and Karen Crabtree
  8. Encouraging Family Involvement with Read, Play, and Learn!
    Susan M. Moore and Toni W. Linder


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