Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully: Solutions for Reaching Struggling Learners, Second Edition

Authors: David H. Allsopp Ph.D., LouAnn Lovin Ph.D., Sarah Van Ingen Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 400 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598575583
Price: $39.95

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Unlock math concepts for struggling learners with the expanded new edition of this bestselling text, ideal for both preservice and in-service educators. Filled with invaluable tips, tools, and research-based strategies for Grades K–12, this comprehensive resource fully prepares teachers to demystify math for a wide range of learners, including students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and mild cognitive disabilities. Thoroughly updated and aligned with current state standards, this second edition includes the latest research, an enhanced instructional framework, expanded coverage of hot topics like RTI and assessment, and more. And with the practical materials—from activities to printable planning forms—teachers will have concrete ways to help students make sense of math, improve their proficiency, and generalize their knowledge in multiple contexts.

  • Uncover the barriers to students math success and effectively break them down
  • Teach the big ideas of math and link them to Common Core State Standards
  • Plan and implement student-centered instruction that responds to each learners individual needs
  • Apply teaching practices for struggling learners within a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS)
  • Align instructional approaches with NCTM Teaching Practices
  • Select assessment practices appropriate for struggling students

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Youll get more than a dozen Take Action activities, reproducible planning forms (available in the book and online), and an in-depth case study that walks you through the Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully process.

  • An updated framework that makes the Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully process clearer and easier
  • A clear and convenient summary of each step in the process
  • A framework that is now aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Incorporation of the most current research and recommended practices
  • Special focus on response to intervention/multi-tiered systems of supports
  • Take Action Activities for practical application of the concepts and framework
  • More information on learning trajectories in mathematics


Review: The Midwest Book Review
“Thoroughly updated and aligned with current state standards, this second edition of Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully includes the latest research, an enhanced instructional framework, expanded coverage of hot topics like RTI and assessment, and more. Thoroughly ‘user friendly’ in organization and presentation, Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully is an ideal curriculum textbook and is unreservedly recommended for school district, college, and university library Teacher Education collections and supplemental studies reading lists.”
Review by: Jeane Joyner, Director of Meredith Mathematics and Science Institutes at Meredith College
“ …A reader-friendly resource that supports effective instructional decisions…focus[ing] on planning, assessing, reflecting and revising opportunities that provide access to high quality mathematics instruction. ”
Review by: Nancy Krasa, author of Number Sense and Number Nonsense: Understanding the Challenges of Learning Math
“[This book] is an honest, sympathetic, and practical A-to-Z resource for teachers desperate to reach students who just never seem to ‘get it.’ It includes a valuable primer on learning disabilities with a welcome focus on the causes of their various associated math difficulties.”
Review by: Francis Fennell, Professor Emeritus, McDaniel College, Past President of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
“What a great resource! Any teacher of mathematics who seeks to address the everyday challenges of adapting instruction to meet the needs of a variety of students will use and use and use [this book].”
Review by: Zafer Unal, Associate Professor at University of South Florida St. Petersburg
“Excellent professional development resource for educators with examples of application of research-based strategies for students in general, struggling students and students with disabilities.”

Table of Contents

About the Activities and Forms
About the Authors
  1. Critical Components of Meaningful and Effective Mathematics Instruction for Students with Disabilities and Other Struggling Learners
I. Identify and Understand the Mathematics
  1. The Big Ideas in Mathematics and Why They Are Important
  2. Childrens Mathematics: Learning Trajectories
II. Learning the Needs of Your Students and the Importance of Continuous Assessment
  1. Barriers to Mathematical Success for Students with Disabilities and Other Struggling Learners
  2. Math Assessment and Struggling Learners
III. Plan and Implement Responsive Instruction
  1. Making Flexible Instructional Decisions: A Continuum of Instructional Choices for Struggling Learners
  2. Essential Instructional Approaches for Struggling Learners in Mathematics
  3. Changing Expectations for Struggling Learners: Integrating the Essential Instructional Approaches with the NCTM Mathematics Teaching Practices
  4. Mathematics MTSS/RTI and Research on Mathematics Instruction for Struggling Learners
  5. How to Intensify Assessment and Essential Instructional Approaches within MTSS/RTI
  6. Intensifying Math Instruction Across Tiers within MTSS: Evaluating System-Wide Use of MTSS
IV. Bringing It All Together
  1. The Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully Process

  • A. Take Action Activities
  • B. ARC Assessment Planning Form
  • C. Peer-Tutoring Practice Activity
  • D. Using a Think-Aloud
  • E. Case Study

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