Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) Set

Authors: Lise K. Fox Ph.D., Patricia Snyder Ph.D.; Foreword Author: Mary Louise Hemmeter Ph.D.

Format: Multiple formats, 168 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598576528
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TPOT at-a-glance


Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) for Preschool Classrooms, Research Edition

If your program is among the thousands using the evidence-based Pyramid Model for Promoting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children, this is the one tool you need to support teachers to effectively use the practices. Developed by highly respected creators of the Pyramid Model for classrooms enrolling children 2–5 years of age, the TPOT™ is an in-depth tool that provides information on how well teachers are implementing practices related to universal, targeted, and individualized supports. A trained administrator conducts a classroom observation and teacher interview, uncovering detailed information about the quality of 14 key teaching practices, noting red flags that indicate areas for immediate support, and observing how teachers respond to challenging behaviors. TPOT™ results show which practices are being implemented successfully—and what teachers need to focus on to ensure positive social-emotional outcomes for young children.

TPOT™ helps programs:

  • Support effective implementation of the proven PBIS-based Pyramid model
  • Promote social-emotional competence in young children
  • Implement strategies to prevent and address challenging behavior
  • Compare implementation across classrooms, teachers, and programs
  • Identify where teachers need extra professional development and support
  • Guide coaching efforts

This Set includes the TPOT™ Manual and one package of TPOT™ Forms.

This is the one tool you need to make sure teachers are effectively putting the evidence-based Pyramid Model for Promoting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children into practice.

View the recorded webinar, Using the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT™) for Preschool Classrooms, presented by Lise Fox, Ph.D., Mary Louise Hemmeter, Ph.D., Patricia Snyder, Ph.D.

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Review by: Marilou Hyson, Consultant, Early Childhood Development and Education; Adjunct Professor, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
"How rare, and how welcome, to find an observation tool that is both user-friendly and research-based! In combination with the Pyramid Model, thoughtful use of the TPOT will help create environments in which all children can be happier and more engaged in learning."
Review by: Glen Dunlap, University of South Florida and University of Nevada, Reno
"An indispensable tool for early childhood programs seeking to optimize social, emotional and behavioral development . . . a meaningful contribution to early childhood education."
Review by: Smokie Brawley, Statewide Project Manager, Healthy Social Behaviors Initiative, Child Care Resources Inc.
"Pyramid Model coaches across North Carolina have successfully used the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool since 2010 . . . The TPOT has provided a standardized measure of fidelity to the Pyramid Model and a guide for coaching administrative and teaching staff, regardless of facility differences or teacher education."
Review by: Rob Corso, Vanderbilt University
"Serves as a critical tool to any and all who are looking to implement the Pyramid Model to fidelity. This new version is destined to help take implementation and professional development around the Pyramid Model practices to the next level!"
Review by: Elizabeth Steed, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Special Education, School of Education and Human Development, University of Colorado Denver
"Provides early childhood administrators, teachers, and other related service personnel with valuable information about classroom environments, teacher-child interactions, and family involvement . . . an essential tool for early childhood programs implementing program-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)."
Review by: Erin Barton, Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education, Vanderbilt University
"An indispensable tool . . . The TPOT's proven validity, reliability, feasibility, and practicality make it a must have for ALL preschool programs."
Review by: Susan Sandall, Professor, College of Education; Director, National Center on Quality Teaching & Learning, University of Washington
"This guide is both sophisticated and clear. It provides a focus for classroom observations and leads to actions that will make a difference for children and teachers."
Review by: Lara Kehle, KidSCope Early Intervention and Family Support, NC CSEFEL Coach, Certified Incredible Years Facilitator, Authorized Facilitator of Stewards of Children
"Very user-friendly . . . The feedback that this tool provides to teachers is extremely beneficial to their growth, as well as the social emotional development of the children with whom they work."
Review by: Rob Horner, Professor, Special Education, University of Oregon
"The TPOT Manual provides the logic, process, and interpretation guidelines needed to make fidelity assessment a useful exercise."

Table of Contents

About the Authors

1. Introduction to the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool

2. Overview of Pyramid Model and the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool

3. Using the TPOT

4. TPOT Scoring Guidance

5. Scoring the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool and Summarizing Results

6. Using the TPOT in Coaching to Promote Effective Practices: Case Studies

7. Technical Features of the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool

Appendix A: FAQs
Appendix B: Resources

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