Tejas LEE: Monitoreo del progreso para lectores emergentes (MPLE)

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ISBN: 9781598571479
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Tejas LEE at-a-glance


Is your reading instruction improving student outcomes? And how can you assess the progress of K–3 students who receive primary instruction in Spanish? With these brief, effective Progress Monitoring Assessments, teachers will know right away how their students' skills are developing.

A critical part of the reliable, research-based Tejas LEE® system, these assessments are just what busy teachers need to measure progress in just a few minutes, see what's working, and make any necessary adjustments to instruction.

Choose from two grade-specific Progress Monitoring Assessments—one kit for emerging readers, one for beginning readers.

Monitoreo del progreso para lectores emergentes™ (MPLE) at a glance

  • Age range: Kindergarten
  • Language: Spanish
  • Skill areas assessed: Graphophonemic knowledge, phonological awareness, listening comprehension
  • Used with: Students who are not meeting benchmark standards (as determined by the Tejas LEE Assessment Kit or other benchmarking tools)
  • How often: Biweekly
  • Assessment content: Sets of brief tasks that quickly determine student progress in three skill areas critical to emergent literacy skills
  • Kit includes: Task Card Booklet and Teacher's Guide with comprehensive administration guidelines (Student Record Sheets sold separately)

This kit is part of Tejas LEE®, a comprehensive, research-based system for real reading progress in grades K–3. Used in more than 20,000 classrooms nationwide with students receiving primary reading instruction in Spanish, Tejas LEE catches struggling readers before they fail, helps teachers improve instruction, links assessment results with targeted interventions, and monitors student progress. An authentic Spanish assessment, Tejas LEE is written in "neutral" Spanish to account for different dialects and is supported by the latest research on Spanish reading development. A perfect fit with response to intervention!

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