The Art and Practice of Home Visiting: Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs and Their Families

Authors: Ruth E. Cook Ph.D., Shirley N. Sparks M.S., CCC-SLP; Foreword Author: Louis M. Rosetti Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 304 pages, 6.0 x 9.0
ISBN: 9781557668851
Price: $34.95

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Developed especially for today's working environment, this is the modern home visitor's complete introductory text to early intervention for children with disabilities and their families. Building on their extensive academic backgrounds and practical experience in the field of early intervention, the authors address the complex issues home visitors face in their daily work with families who have diverse backgrounds and needs. Together, they give readers a fresh approach to home visiting that's culturally sensitive, family centered and designed to help each unique family reach their specific goals. Home visitors will learn the skills and attitudes they'll need to

  • help parents enjoy a lead role in guiding their child's development
  • adjust their approach for a wide range of families, including teen parents, grandparents, and parents with disabilities
  • work successfully with interpreters and translators
  • communicate in a warm, accepting, respectful, and empathetic way
  • conduct effective assessment in the child's natural environment
  • implement evidence-based interventions that fit the child's needs and keep families involved
  • work with children with specific disorders, such as autism, visual impairment, delayed speech and language, and developmental delays
  • skillfully manage legal, ethical, and personal safety concerns

Throughout the book, realistic family and home visitor interactions illustrate the suggested techniques and show how to move a child and family toward their desired goals and outcomes. And the appendices include helpful record-keeping forms and direct home visitors to more resources they can use to guide and educate parents. Pre-service professionals will wear out their copy of this straightforward, reader-friendly professional development resource, and current practitioners will gain practical new insight into the art and practice of effective home visiting with families of every type.


Review by: Carol Klass, child and early intervention specialist, author of The Home Visitor's Guidebook, Third Edition
"The depth and wisdom of this book will be valuable to any professional engaged in home visiting."

Table of Contents

About the Authors
Foreword: Louis Rossetti
From a Mother to Her Home Visitors: Lori Yurtin

  1. An Overview of Home Visiting
  2. Understanding Families as Systems
  3. Building Home Visitor-Family Relationships
  4. Structuring Home Visitation
  5. Facilitating Adult-Child Interaction
  6. Guidelines for Intervention for Children with VariousDisorders
    with contributions from Carole Osselaer
  7. Special Family Challenges
  8. Expanding the Early Intervention Team
    with contributions from Carole Osselaer
  9. Personal Concerns of the Home Visitor


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