The Educator's Handbook for Inclusive School Practices

Authors: Julie Causton, Chelsea P. Tracy-Bronson; Foreword Author: Cheryl M. Jorgensen Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 232 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598579253
Price: $34.95

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As more K-12 schools move toward inclusion, how can general and special educators work together to create warm, welcoming classrooms where all students learn and belong? Discover practical answers in this friendly, down-to-earth teacher's guide. Filled with ready-to-use teaching tips, insights from inclusive educators, and examples that relate directly to everyday classroom experiences, this book will help general and special educators collaborate effectively and build a great "toolbox" of strategies to support all learners within inclusive classrooms. With this highly motivating guidebook close at hand, new and seasoned educators will create engaging, exciting, and joyful inclusive classrooms that support social and academic success for all.

  • ensure that all students have access to the general education curriculum in the least restrictive environment
  • presume competence and recognize every students unique strengths
  • meet students' individual learning needs with differentiated lessons and innovative academic supports
  • team up and collaborate with other educators and professionals to make the most of everyone's expertise
  • distinguish an IEP from a 504 plan, and develop and implement both appropriately
  • support students who have behavior challenges with a classroom-wide positive behavior support system
  • promote academic and social inclusion in the classroom and in recreational spaces, from the playground to the lunchroom
  • supervise the important work of paraprofessionals
  • avoid burnout with self-care strategies and stress-busters

PRACTICAL RESOURCES: Planning tools and checklists to help you identify student strengths, develop IEPs, plan lessons, strengthen co-teaching, choose modifications and accommodations, and more.

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Review by: Robin Drogan, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
“User friendly, logically organized, and easy to read gives a concise overview with practical strategies to support both general and special pre-service teachers and professionals in the field.”
Review: Katie Naples (Kindergarten Inclusion Teacher) & Kelly Engle (Kindergarten Special Education Teacher), Herman Ave Elementary, Auburn, NY
“As inclusive educators, we are always trying to find what works for each child. This guide provides a vast amount of resources to do just that, and more. This book is one we will keep rereading and referring to throughout our teaching careers.”
Review by: Jennifer York-Barr, Professor Emeritus & Distinguished Teacher, University of Minnesota
“Joyful, inspirational, and grounded in practice! Causton and Tracy-Bronsons handbook offers a rich array of principles, tools, and examples from practice that both inspire and compel [us to] deepen the work of inclusive education.”
Review by: Kristen Hill, Special Education Teacher, Grade 9
“A must read for every educator this book will inspire you and create or renew a mindset of true inclusion practices in your classroom.”
Review by: Elizabeth Potts, Special Education Adjunct Faculty, University of Virginia
“The authors use teacher and student voices to help readers feel the difference inclusion makes and include concrete examples that provide readers with ideas they can implement tomorrow.”
Review by: Jennifer Przybylski, 9th grade English Teacher
“Even if you already work in a school that embraces inclusive education, read this book to learn best practices to implement in your classroom immediately.”
Review by: Misty Parsley, Lipscomb University
“[The authors] have captured the essence of inclusion in this easy-to-read book Teachers can begin making changes in their classrooms and building success for their students immediately!”
Review by: Robin Wolf-Smith, Jordan Road School, Somers Point, NJ
“The information and advice provided is sensible and manageable in all classrooms Definitely a book I will reference when planning differentiated instruction for my students, and a book to share with my colleagues.”
Review by: Jim Connelly, Special Education Teacher, Egg Harbor City Community School
“A must read for any educator who works with anyone with special needs. I think it should be mandatory for all students who are majoring in education to read!”
Review by: Patty Jensen, 2nd Grade Teacher, Dawes Avenue School
“An extremely well written, easy to read text provides teachers with strategies that are easy to follow and implement in creating an inclusive classroom.”
Review by: Lisa Goldberg, co-teacher, North Syracuse Central School District
“Empowering, inspiring, and practical, [this book] details a vision for classrooms of the twenty-first century in which all students are educated and valued. This is the book I wish I had when I first began co-teaching.”
Review by: Christine Genna, general and special educator with 20 years of experience
“WOW! This is an amazing toolbox for both veteran and new educators clarifies how school personnel have to change our thinking in order to meet the needs of all learners.”
Review by: Terry Dougherty, Galloway Township Public Schools, Galloway, New Jersey
“Jam-packed with academic, social, and behavioral support strategies that are thoroughly explained and immediately usable helps educators work smarter, allowing more time to focus on our students and collaborate with inclusive team members.”

Table of Contents

About the Forms
About the Authors
Foreword (Cheryl M. Jorgensen)

  1. The General and Special Educator
  2. Inclusive Education
  3. Special Education
  4. Rethinking Students: Presuming Competence
  5. Collaborating with Others: Working within a Team
  6. Providing Academic Supports
  7. Providing Behavioral Supports
  8. Providing Social Supports: Standing Back
  9. Supporting and Supervising Paraprofessionals
  10. Supporting You, Supporting Them: Caring for Yourself


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