The IEP Checklist: Your Guide to Creating Meaningful and Compliant IEPs

Authors: Kathleen G. Winterman, Clarissa E. Rosas Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 240 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598573893
Price: $34.95

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How can you design effective IEPs that improve student outcomes and meet legal requirements? This one-stop IEP guide has the answers your team needs to create great IEPs and put them into action. You'll start with a solid introduction to IEPs: their purpose, their major components, and the legal mandates they need to meet. Then you'll get a comprehensive framework for IEP development, featuring a unique, in-depth checklist that breaks the whole IEP process into small, manageable steps and walks you through each one. Packed with invaluable planning tips, vivid examples, and practice activities, this book is your whole school team's step-by-step guide to meaningful, legally compliant IEPs that help students reach their goals and meet state standards.

  • assess a student's present level of performance
  • effectively collaborate during an IEP meeting
  • use student-centered planning to foster empowerment and leadership
  • develop meaningful IEP goals that can be easily communicated and measured
  • write short-term objectives aligned with the student's IEP goals
  • collect and report data on student progress toward IEP goals and objectives
  • use progress monitoring data to make instructional decisions
  • identify accommodations that support a student's specific academic needs
  • support successful transitions from school to adulthood

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Activities and examples to guide and improve IEP development; reflection questions that deepen understanding; realistic dialogues that highlight key challenges and solutions; ready- to- use tools that help ensure meaningful, compliant IEPs.

Includes ready-to-use IEP tools:
  • IEP Rubric—detailed checklist for evaluating completeness and quality of each IEP element
  • IEP Inventory for verifying the presence of key IEP components
  • Parent Survey to gather information on parents' perception of the IEP process
  • Teacher Survey for assessing current practices and determining training needs


Review by: Mary Ellen Peterson, CEO, PHP
“A wonderful resource guide . . . provides the reader with tools, checklists, and strategies for being successful in their understanding of and participation in IEP meetings.”
Review by: Stephen Peterson, Special Education Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools
“A concise and accessible reference that covers all the aspects of the IEP process . . . will be useful not just for school professionals, but for parents as well.”
Review by: LaRon Scott, Assistant Professor of Special Education, Virginia Commonwealth University
“Such a great guide for developing IEPs.....The activities throughout the book are a great resource!”
Review by: Beverley Holden Johns, Learning and Behavior Consultant, Jacksonville, IL
“The most comprehensive step-by-step guide available for individuals participating in the IEP planning process. It is a must read for all IEP team members.”

Table of Contents

About the Reproducible Materials
About the Authors
About the Contributors

I. Foundations for Understanding the Development of a Meaning ful IEP
  1. Overview of the History and Legal Perspectives of Special Education
    Leo Bradley and Kathleen G. Winterman
  2. Collaborative Teaming for Better IEPs
    Kathleen G. Winterman
II. Key Areas of IEP Development
  1. Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
    Lisa M. Campbell and Clarissa E. Rosas
  2. Goals
    Clarissa E. Rosas
  3. Short-Term Objectives
    Clarissa E. Rosas
  4. Measuring and Reporting Progress
    Lisa M. Campbell and Clarissa E. Rosas
  5. Least Restrictive Environment
    Melissa M. Jones, Kathleen G. Winterman, and Clarissa E. Rosas
  6. The Accommodation and Modification Process
    Kathleen G. Winterman
  7. The Transition Process
    Roberta Brack Kaufman, Carn A. Westland, Clarissa E. Rosas, and Kathleen G. Winterman
Appendix A: IEP Tools
Appendix B: Parent and Teacher Surveys

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