The Intensive Phonological Awareness (IPA) Program

Authors: C. Melanie Schuele Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Naomi D. Murphy M.S., CCC-SLP; Foreword Author: Louisa C. Moats Ed.D.

Format: Layflat, 180 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598571189
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Transform struggling readers into successful readers with this field-tested, evidence-based phonological awareness program. This supplemental Tier 2 curriculum is the ideal way to deliver systematic, intensive phonological awareness instruction to students in Grades K–2, whether they have language impairments or just need extra help with literacy skills. Developed by SLPs, this proven program helps you sharpen struggling students phonological awareness skills through focused, small-group lessons that take just 30 minutes each. And the IPA Program walks you through every step, with explicit guidance, suggested scripts, teaching strategies, and tips on what to do when a student is still struggling with a skill. A must-have for SLPs and reading specialists!

  • align instruction with the goals of the Common Core State Standards Initiative
  • deliver high-quality RTI Tier 2 instruction
  • improve four critical phonological awareness skills: rhyming, initial sounds, final sounds, and complete segmentation
  • scaffold lessons and adapt the pace of instruction
  • get results without significant time investment—just 30 minutes, three times a week
  • enhance any existing curriculum

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: 100+ pages of downloadable classroom content! Game boards, word lists, implementation checklists, and more than 20 sets of colorful picture cards help students learn and retain phonological awareness skills in fun and engaging ways.


Review by: Nickola Nelson, Western Michigan University
“A theoretically grounded, clearly presented, and well organized set of comprehensive lesson plans and recommended stimuli for supporting the development of phonemic awareness. What a valuable tool!”
Review by: Judy Montgomery, Chapman University
“Group intervention, individual sessions, classroom collaboration, even RTI—this program has a place in today's standards-based literacy curriculum. This is a gem!”

Table of Contents

Contents of the Ancillary Material
About the Ancillary Materials
About the Authors
Foreword: Louisa Cook Moats

I. Overview
Chapter 1 Development of Phonological Awareness
Chapter 2 Development of the Intensive Phonological Awareness Program
Chapter 3 Implementing the Intensive Phonological Awareness Program
II. Lesson Plans
Week 1 Overview
Session 1 Introduction of Rhyme and Rhyme Judgment
Session 2 Rhyme Judgment
Session 3 Rhyme Judgment and Introduction to Rhyme Matching

Week 2
Session 4 Rhyme Matching and Rhyme Odd-One-Out
Session 5 Rhyme Matching and Rhyme Sorting
Session 6 Rhyme Sorting and Introduction to Rhyme

Week 3
Session 7 Rhyme Generation
Session 8 Rhyme Generation
Session 9 Rhyme Generation and Introduction of Initial Sound Judgment

Week 4
Session 10 Initial Sound Judgment
Session 11 Initial Sound Judgment and Initial Sound Odd-One-Out
Session 12 Initial Sound Odd-One-Out and Introduction of Initial Sound

Week 5
Session 13 Initial Sound Matching
Session 14 Initial Sound Matching and Initial Sound Sorting
Session 15 Initial Sound Matching and Initial Sound Sorting and Introduction to Initial Sound Segmentation

Week 6
Session 16 Initial Sound Segmentation
Session 17 Initial Sound Segmentation and Initial Sound Generation
Session 18 Initial Sound Generation and Introduction to Final Sound Judgment

Week 7
Session 19 Final Sound Judgment
Session 20 Final Sound Judgment
Session 21 Final Sound Judgment and Introduction to Final Sound Matching

Week 8
Session 22 Final Sound Matching
Session 23 Final Sound Matching and Final Sound Sort
Session 24 Final Sound Matching and Final Sound Sort and Introduction to Final Sound Segmentation

Week 9
Session 25 Final Sound Segmentation
Session 26 Final Sound Segmentation and Final Sound Generation
Session 27 Final Sound Generation and Introduction to Initial Word Segmentation

Week 10
Session 28 Segmentation of CV, VC words (continuants); Introduction of CVC (continuants)
Session 29 Segmentation and Blending of Continuant CV, VC, and CVC Words
Session 30 Segmentation and Blending of CV, VC, and CVC Words with Continuant and Stop Consonants

Week 11
Session 31 Blending CVC (Continuants) and Segmentation CVC (Stops)
Session 32 Segmentation of CV, VC, and CVC Words (Stops and Continuants)
Session 33 Segmentation and Blending: Continuants and Stops

Week 12
Session 34 Segmentation, Including Segmentation of Words with Blends
Session 35 Segmentation, Including Segmentation of Words with Blends
Session 36 Segmentation and Blending
Appendix A: Master Word Grid
Appendix B: International Phonetic Alphabet

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