The Job Developer's Handbook: Practical Tactics for Customized Employment

Authors: Cary Griffin, David Hammis, Tammara Geary

Format: Paperback, 264 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781557668639
Price: $41.95

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One of the most practical employment books available, this forward-thinking guide walks employment specialists step by step through customized job development for people with disabilities, revealing the best ways to build a satisfying, meaningful job around a person's preferences, skills, and goals. Internationally known for their innovative, proactive job development strategies, the authors motivate readers to expand the way they think about employment opportunities and develop creative solutions.

Readers will get fresh, proven tips and ideas for every aspect of job development for youth and adults with significant support needs:

  • discovering who the person is and what he or she really wants
  • ensuring goodness of fit between employer and employee
  • finding—or creating—"hidden jobs" in smaller companies
  • empowering people through resource ownership (investing in resources that employers need)
  • skillfully negotiating job duties while managing conflicts that might arise
  • creatively maximizing benefits using social security work incentives
  • encouraging family support while respecting the individual as an adult

To make each part of job development easier, the book arms readers with practical content they can really use: easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines; checklists of critical questions to answer; success stories in both urban and rural settings; and sample scenarios, dialogues, and interview questions.

Equally useful to veteran professionals and those just starting out, this compelling guidebook breathes new life into the job development process and helps readers imagine a wider world of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Review: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
"A practically-oriented, how-to textFocuses not on modifying individual deficits and behaviors but on understanding people's individual strengths, emphasizing their accomplishments, and understanding their personal and social resources."
Review: Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
"Truly a complete and detailed step-by-step guide . . . Those who follow the very clear pathway to successful job outcomes described in this publication will make customized employment work."
Review by: Courtney McGrew, VAC-Kingwood High School, Kingwood, Texas
"The best transition book I have read in a long time . . . Before I even got halfway through the 1st chapter I was calling our department head telling her some of the ideas and asking if we could start implementing them."
Review by: Jim Corey, Washington Initiative for Supported Employment, Seattle, Washington
"[The authors] have once again produced work which is visionary, realistic, and inspiringly doable . . . They give how-to tools which will help us all unlock the potential of income and business for our people with the most significant disabilities. Their work on resource ownership and development is groundbreaking, and one of the societal impacts of this new book will be a revolution of new, creative, possibility–thinkers."
Review by: Corey Smith, Director of Employment Services, VIA of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
"[T]his book is not only their most important contribution to our field but could be the most effective, functional, how to piece that exists to date."
Review by: David Mank, Director, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Professor, School of Education, Indiana University
"A complete, forward thinking yet realistic guide to job development and customized employment . . . of great use to both experienced and new practitioners."
Review by: Pat Rogan, Professor, Indiana University
"In-depth description of creative and effective strategies . . . full of clear examples, useful forms, and helpful narratives."

Table of Contents

About the Authors
About the Contributors
Foreword: Steve Hall
  1. Introduction to Customized Job Development
    Cary Griffin, David Hammis, & Tammara Geary

  2. Discovery: The Foundation of Job Development
    Michael Callahan & Ellen Condon

  3. Job Matching and Analysis: Exploring Worksite Ecology and Seeking Goodness of Fit
    Cary Griffin, David Hammis, & Tammara Geary

  4. Person-Centered Job Development Strategy: Finding the Jobs Behind the Jobs
    Cary Griffin, David Hammis, & Tammara Geary

  5. Active Employer Councils: Leveraging the Networking Power of the Community
    Cary Griffin, David Hammis, & Tammara Geary

  6. Resource Ownership: Self-Determined Economic Development
    Cary Griffin, David Hammis, Doug Crandell, Tammara Geary, & Nancy Brookes-Lane

  7. Interest-Based Negotiation, Problem Solving, and Conflict Management
    Cary Griffin, David Hammis, & Tammara Geary

  8. Job Carving: Jobs that Fit an Individual's Ideal Conditions of Employment and Benefit the Workplace
    Tammara Geary, Cary Griffin, & David Hammis

  9. Using Social Security Work Incentives
    David Hammis, Cary Griffin, & Tammara Geary

  10. Active Families: Support, Partnership, and Roles
    Tammara Geary, Cary Griffin, & David Hammis

  11. Organizational Commitment to Customized Employment: The Role of Leadership in Facilitating Careers
    Cary Griffin, David Hammis, & Tammara Geary
Appendix: Blank Forms

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